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Experienced Homeschoolers: Homeschooling Online or Off

""I have homeschooled my oldest son for years, and have never enjoyed a program as much as I enjoy yours. The quality of material was exceptional and my advisor was wonderful! " Renee

A Seasoned Homeschool Partner
for Seasoned Homeschoolers.

Maybe you’ve tried homeschooling online and hit some road blocks. Or perhaps you’ve tried homeschooling independently and found yourself frustrated, weary and questioning your decision.

Either way, if you’re an experienced homeschooling parent, you have different needs than first-timers.

You’ve very likely landed on this page because you’re looking for something you need now more than ever. A homeschool partner. We’re here to support you with homeschooling online or off and here’s how:

  • Customized curriculum: As a seasoned homeschooler, you know how many homeschool curriculum options are out there. We work with the best of the best and help you find the perfect fit. With our one of a kind learning and personality style assessment, placement testing, and curriculum counseling services, you can be sure your child will find the perfect homeschool curriculum fit. Our Bridgeway Customized package offers you a full year of tailored curriculum. No more wondering if you’ve chosen the right publisher!
  • Fully Accredited: Our homeschool textbook and online programs meet or exceed the local, national and international standards for excellence. By enrolling in our accredited program, there will be no question regarding the validity of your child’s education–as Bridgeway Academy is recognized by schools, universities and employers.
  • Record-keeping and transcript management: Overwhelmed with piles of paperwork? Not sure if you’re keeping the right stuff for the right people for the right amount of time? Look no further. We’ll take care of it whether you are homeschooling online or off.
  • Assistance from Credentialed Teachers: Feeling overwhelmed with grading, accountability, or just math? You’ll love having a Personal Advisor and credentialed teacher at your fingertips. It’s okay if you don’t know how to teach every subject in a way that will resonate with your child. With a partner like Bridgeway Academy, you can focus on your strengths and let our live classes, credentialed teachers, and course offerings do the rest!
  • Freedom to design your school year and schedule. Bridgeway has rolling enrollment so you can sign up and start anytime of the year and have a full year to complete your program. Just want curriculum support? No problem. With our Brigeway Customized package you’ll get a full year of tailored curriculum in a box with no strings attached. We’re flexible with both our scheduling and our programs so you can have the homeschooling year you’ve dreamed of.

Homeschooling Online. Offline. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyone. Any way. Welcome to Bridgeway Academy–where we customize your child’s education and unlock their potential.  And please know, we’re always more than happy to answer your questions. You can contact us or call us at 1-800-863-1474 anytime.


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