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Homeschooling Gifted Children

" We appreciate Bridgeway Academy's direction in helping Steven get his wings to achieve his goals in music. He is a gifted musician who thinks differently and struggled with the standard path in school. " Linda

Homeschooling Gifted Children And Setting Them Up To Soar

Some children are born with extraordinary intellectual gifts. The kind that set them apart from their peers and causes people to take notice early on. The kind that opens doors for them that otherwise wouldn’t be opened. The kind that simply cannot be ignored.

If you’re thinking about homeschooling gifted children, we would love to partner with you.

Click here to see how homeschooling made all the difference for this gifted young man.

Exceptional homeschool programs for exceptional students.

From Advanced Placement to Dual Enrollment, we specialize in programs for gifted students. Our unique homeschool programs are a perfect fit for advanced learners of all levels.

We offer honors and advanced placement courses in both traditional and online formats for homeschooling high schoolers.

And, if your junior or senior is ready for a college experience, our Bridgeway College Now! Total Care package sets your child up to soar.

The customized educational solutions we offer at Bridgeway are designed to allow your child the freedom and flexibility required to reach their dreams.

Our academic advisors are going to work closely with you and our homeschooling gifted children programs to ensure that everything from your child’s curriculum to their schedule is a perfect fit. And because we are well aware of the fact that homeschooling gifted children requires a lot of flexibility, your advisor will stay with you each step of the way and make adjustments should you need a change.

Still not convinced? Meet Elizabeth Price, Olympian, Stanford student, and Bridgeway graduate. She’s a great example of how customized and flexible homeschool programs help extraordinary students achieve their dreams. You can rest easy knowing that Bridgeway has worked with advanced students like yours.

Need fast answers to your questions about homeschooling gifted children? Call one of our friendly staff members at 800-863-1474. We are here to serve you and help unlock your advanced student’s full potential.

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