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Homeschooling for Athletes and Performers

"Bridgeway made it possible for me to pursue my Olympic dreams while still preparing for college. My acceptance into Stanford was just another dream come true." Elizabeth Price, 2012 Olympic Team

Homeschooling that opens doors to the future.

If your child is an elite athlete or a performer, your entire family has made exceptional sacrifices to support their extracurricular goals. However, we know one thing you don’t want to sacrifice is the quality of their education. With a partner in Bridgeway Academy, you will never have to. Our homeschooling programs for athletes and performers enables your family to balance the demands of talent with education.

And, our fully accredited programs* ensure that your child gets the recognition they deserve. Ultimately, we all want the same – for your child to fulfill their dreams.

Finding balance is the key to success.

We’ve worked with many elite athletes and exceptional performers over the years so we know how grinding the schedule can be.

Click here to learn how homeschooling made all the difference for this world-class gymnast and Olympic athlete.

Training at a world-class facility takes many hours a day. Young actors and models usually work during business hours, the same time when most kids are in school. Need to train during the day and do school at night? Travel often? Start mid-year? No problem. With year-round enrollment your star performer can go to school anytime, anywhere. Our flexibility gives your family the perfect balance between academics and other achievements.

Education doesn’t have to take a back seat.

Our homeschooling elite athletes and performers achieve big on and off the court. Who says your child can’t pursue excellence in academics and their out of school passion? Not us. We specialize in providing customized homeschool curriculum solutions, including AP and dual enrollment options so that your child can dream of the Olympics or big screen and make it to Harvard. And we have seen it happen time and again.

Flexible goal setting to fit your schedule.

If your child is going through dress rehearsals before a performance or your athlete has an intense season of training, we will work with you. You know their schedule; you can determine when they will  receive instruction. And Bridgeway’s Total Care Online program goes where you go. That’s one of the advantages of a customized school year with our flexible homeschooling for athletes and performers.

Want to know more? Call one of our Admissions Representatives for assistance at 800.863.1474.  We are here to serve you.  

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