Homeschool Advisors

" Thank you for everything you do, from helping me with questions I have about Erin and her curriculum, to being there again for our family this year, to making it feel like we are the only family that you help each year. " Lisa

Our Academic Homeschool Advisors Provide Unlimited Support

In today’s competitive landscape, you want to know that you are on the right track with your homeschooling program.  That is why our academic homeschool advisors walk with you every step of the way.  And if you let them, they will play an active role in helping you make the most of your child’s homeschool program.

All of our academic advisors are experienced, qualified teaching professionals, and many of them are former homeschool students or parents whose aim is to make your family’s homeschool experience a success. Each has worked with hundreds of students and parents and can offer invaluable assistance to you and your child.

Peace of mind that you have the right fit for your child.

Your personal advisor will carefully evaluate your child and develop a customized curriculum plan that specifically meets his needs based upon his learning and personality style as well as his academic strengths and needs.  Your advisor then walks with you all year long to monitor your child’s progress, answer questions and provide a support system that is unmatched anywhere.

A go to person for all things homeschooling.

Need some help explaining a difficult concept?  Looking for direction on how to best incorporate schooling into a busy schedule? Just need a listening ear when the going gets tough?  Your personal advisor will be all of that and so much more. For many families, their advisor becomes a friend and confidant as well as a cheerleader for the kids.  So get ready for the kind of support that makes you wake up smiling!

Thank You Annette! That actually helps a lot. My pushing was hurting him rather than helping. Now I think we can both relax and try and make the learning more fun. I lost focus of the importance of building him up in his knowledge. Thanks for the reminder…your help has been invaluable once again. I will let you know how it goes. Heather S.

Accredited report cards and transcripts for all that you do.

Throughout the school year, you will find opportunities to take additional classes, get involved with a local support group or get out and learn outside of the books.  Your personal homeschool advisor works with you to ensure that you receive the recognition you deserve for all of your homeschooling efforts.  You’ll receive report cards, notes of encouragement and a fully accredited transcript.

I am so proud of Andrew. I think of where we started 4 years ago with Bridgeway and to see where he is now is amazing. If it was not for Bridgeway Academy and his advisor, Holly, I don’t know what I would’ve done. I have raised kids both in public schools and home schooling- both can be rewarding. I just remember how much of a mess I was with what was going on in Andrew’s life, and just asked god to help. That day was the day I found Bridgeway. Thank you! – Bridgeway Parent

In essence, you have a personal support network at your fingertips.  Call, email, chat live, or set up a web conference–we are here to help you succeed.

Ready to get your personal go-to person?  Click here to enroll today or call 800-863-1474.



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