Great Options, Even Greater Results

Because every student deserves an educational program as unique as they are.

The Bridgeway Difference

Not All Schools Are Alike

There are many options in the world of education today, but none quite like Bridgeway Academy. We’ve built our programs on the following core values:

  • Fully Accredited Because you want your education partner to exceed standards and expectations.
  • Completely Customized Because you want what works best for your student.
  • Total Flexibility Because your family values and schedule should dictate your educational program, not the other way around.
  • Unlimited Support Because home education can be challenging, and having a partner means never going it alone.
  • Community Focus Because you’re shaping the next generation of adults to lead the world.

Proven Results

For 30 years, we’ve been supporting families and organizations through homeschooling, helping craft the experience that fits your unique needs and goals. We’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. As a Bridgeway family, you get the advantages of that knowledge without the bumps and bruises we gained along the way.

Our programs create customized homeschool experiences for each student. So, whether you are seeking an alternative to public schools, have a child with special needs who needs more, or are nurturing an elite athlete with a highly-demanding schedule, you can rest easy, knowing Bridgeway has designed flexible, customized homeschool programs that put your needs first.

Flexibility at Every Turn

Every family and every child is different, so there’s no “right way” to homeschool. So, every homeschool curriculum and schedule should be different, right? That’s what we believe, and with a Bridgeway package, your family will be empowered to homeschool in the way and with the schedule that fits you best. Since we’ve been in this business for 30 years, we’ve learned that flexibility in four areas is the key to success: scheduling, teaching, learning, and course selection. Our commitment to flexibility is what many families love about Bridgeway Academy.

Flexibility in Your Schedule

Many families choose to homeschool because they’re looking for greater flexibility. But not all homeschool programs are set up to work within your family’s schedule. Our programs are tailored to how and when your family wants to learn. Homeschooling is about freedom, so your homeschooling program should work around your schedule.

Our online and traditional programs put you in control of your schedule.

Flexibility in Teaching

At Bridgeway, you can choose what level of involvement you have in your child’s education, particularly as they grow older and begin to take more advanced courses. While you might feel comfortable teaching math to your elementary school student, you might shy away from teaching pre-calculus concepts at the high school level. You can be as hands-on as you wish; we’ll adjust the learning plan accordingly. We’re in this together.

Flexibility in Learning

You’re encouraged to be flexible in the daily goals you set for each subject, whether your student is using traditional curriculum or is in our fully-online homeschooling program. We empower each family to chart their own course through curriculum based on what is best for them. And we’re always there to ensure success.

Flexibility in Course Selection

We believe in freedom of choice when it comes to course selection, especially as your children grow older and tackle their high school years. From traditional textbook curriculum to fully-online middle and high school programs, with Bridgeway, you are in the driver’s seat and are empowered to choose the courses that fit into your goals and passions.

To make sure every one of our students succeeds academically while families stay within state and federal regulations, Bridgeway Academy provides a team of homeschool support specialists. Our homeschooling support team frees your time and energy to focus on your child’s learning and your rich family life.

Expert Advice When You Need It

Our academic advisors are teachers and former homeschoolers who understand both the challenges and the rewards of homeschooling. They not only have the techniques you need to explain concepts to your child, they also have the experience it takes to help you make the material exciting to children of varying ages, levels, and interests. Best of all, you can call them as often as you want!

Guidance for Your Journey

With a Bridgeway Total Care Package, you’ll get the best curriculum the world has to offer, and an individual instructor guide for each course. We’ve found, developed, and mapped out the best curriculum so your homeschool journey is as smooth as possible. Our curriculum development team chooses only the best publishers and works hard to find the best resources, activities, supplementals, and extra components to keep learners fully engaged.

Accredited for Peace of Mind

Homeschool recordkeeping and accreditation are important but can be confusing. Bridgeway lifts recordkeeping burdens from parents. Our easy-to-use platform enables you to enter tests and assignment scores, eliminating the need to mail any work into our office. Because we are fully in keeping with state and federal law, our records are recognized by high schools, colleges, employers, and other entities, as official and verifiable. 83% of Bridgeway students attend college once their homeschooling is complete.

Support That Sets You Up to Succeed

Many parents long to homeschool their children but resist because state and federal laws and curriculum pressures overwhelm them. Bridgeway Academy provides parents with homeschooling support for every aspect of educating a child at home. And our accreditation secures their future and provides peace of mind.

Customizing Education, Unlocking Potential

We design homeschool programs that are truly customized to meet the needs of each student and family. Because one-size-fits-all education doesn’t work. How do we do this? We start with a complete learning style assessment that identifies your child’s:

  • learning style
  • personality style
  • ideal learning environment
  • academic strengths
  • academic needs
  • future hopes and dreams

From There, We Recommend the Curriculum That’s Best for Your Child

We have one goal: to find what works best for your childAnd for you. That’s why we pull curriculum from more than 40 publishers.

We handpick curriculum for you, based on those assessments and our years of experience working with thousands of students and families.

Then, we put a package together that includes all 4 major subjects and a selection of electives that add up to your child’s perfect year.

Homeschool Programs Designed Specifically for the Needs of Your Family

You know your children better than anyone else. That’s why we have in-depth conversations with you after we assess your student to get to know you and what you are looking for in your homeschool. Then, we use this information to help you set flexible daily goals that balance the needs of educational progress against the realities of everyday life.

Testing as Individualized as the Curriculum

Tests alone can’t provide the depth of information needed to understand a child and what they’ve mastered. That’s why we use many different types of assessments, from basic tests to project-based learning and assessments. That’s just one more way we customize learning to ensure success.

Publishers by Subject


ACE–School of Tomorrow, ALEKS, Alpha Omega, BJU Press, Bridgeway, Demme Learning, Edgenuity, Life of Fred, Mr. D Math, Odysseyware, Paradigm, Saxon, Scott Foresman, Singapore, Walch


ACE–School of Tomorrow, ALEKS, Alpha Omega, Apologia, BJU Press, Bridgeway, Edgenuity, Odysseyware, Paradigm, Pearson, Singapore, Walch, Young Scientist Club

Language Arts

ACE–School of Tomorrow, Alpha Omega, Apologia, BJU Press, Bridgeway, Critical Thinking Co., Easy Grammar, Edgenuity, Educators Publishing Service, Notgrass History, Odysseyware, Paradigm, Teach Your Children to Read Well, Walch, Write Source

Social Studies, History, Geography

ACE–School of Tomorrow, Alpha Omega, Critical Thinking Co., BJU Press, Bridgeway, Edgenuity, Notgrass History, Odysseyware, Oxford University Press, Paradigm, Peace Hill Press, Pearson, Steck Vaughn, TCI, Walch


A Reason For, ACE–School of Tomorrow, Alpha Omega, Answers in Genesis, Apologia, AVKO, BJU Press, Bridgeway, Classical Academic Press, Critical Thinking Co., Dynamic Literacy, Edgenuity, eDynamic Learning, Evan Moore, International Learning Solutions, Madcap Logic, McFarland & Company, Inc., Odysseyware, Paradigm, Rocking R Ventures, Rosetta Stone, Simply Coding, Walch, Zaner Bloser

Biblical Offerings

ACE, Alpha Omega, Answers in Genesis, Apologia, A Reason For, BJU Press, International Learning Solutions, Notgrass History, Rocking R Ventures

If you hope to continue using a publisher that is not currently listed, no problem! Once enrolled, you can simply submit a course approval request and purchase your curriculum. We will take it from there! Examples of publishers that have been approved include Abeka, Institute for Excellence in Writing, Math-U-See, Sonlight, Tapestry of Grace, Teaching Textbooks, Beautiful Feet, and more.

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