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"I just wanted you to know that Austin GOT ACCEPTED TO DICKINSON!!!!! :-) I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. I know he would not have gotten in if it wasn't for you ladies. He is so happy. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! :-)"

Bridgeway Homeschool Alumni: Reaching dreams and impacting lives after the diploma

Ivy League Schools. The Olympics. Symphony Orchestras. International Arts Academies. If your child is dreaming it, a Bridgeway diploma can help to get them there. In fact, chances are a Bridgeway graduate or former student is doing it right now. We’ve got a great track record of helping families reach their dreams through homeschool programs. 82% of our graduates go on to 4-year colleges and universities to live out their dreams.

But don’t take it from us. Let our Bridgeway Homeschool Alumni tell you how being part of the Bridgeway family enabled them to thrive after high school.

Juan Marcos Radziwiluk

Family (3)

In 1992, Juan’s family chose to serve as missionaries in Ukraine, shortly after it declared independence from the Soviet Union. The Radziwiluk family chose to homeschool their three children through Bridgeway.

When asked what he loved most about homeschooling Juan said,

“The flexibility. Often I had to go on trips or help prepare things for special events. The flexibility I was afforded through Bridgeway allowed me to finish 12th grade five months before schedule.”

Four weeks after graduating high school, Juan started his first year at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. Upon graduating, Juan returned to Ukraine to serve as a missionary for 11 years. Today, Juan lives in Spain, with his wife and two children, one of whom has also attended Bridgeway.

“Bridgeway played a key role in my education. As a young man, I remember not liking my language and word-building courses. However, as an adult, I appreciate how they equipped me to do what I do today – as I’m often required to translate both orally and in written form. I highly recommend Bridgeway Academy. The curriculum is strong and the staff is very helpful.”

You can follow Juan and his family adventures at http://www.juanmarcos.net/

Jordan Meggs

Jordan’s 4 years at Bridgeway Academy were filled with adventure and academics. Because of the homeschool flexibility Bridgeway provides all of its students, Jordan was able to complete his  four full years of high school while traveling the world doing service projects with his parents. He’s now studying international business and languages at a prestigious university in London.

When asked the best part about being a Bridgeway Student, Jordan  said that Bridgeway “... provided a well-rounded education, and its flexibility allowed me to accompany my parents on their travels, meaning I got to see and experience other countries and cultures. My years with them were really enjoyable and I’m sure yours will be too.”

We’re eagerly following up with other graduates and will be adding more success stories soon, so please check this page again in the near future.

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