World Class
Personalized Homeschooling

Bridgeway Academy is the only fully personalized homeschool academy with curriculum packages tailored to fit you and your family.

This means that your program is designed around your home, your schedule, your hopes and dreams and the specific strengths and needs of each individual student.



Passionate Service

We make homeschooling easy with the attentive assistance of our advising team. Even before you receive your curriculum, you’ll feel prepared thanks to our expert advisors who handle the getting started process so that you don’t have to.

From walking you through getting started to handing you that diploma, we provide you with an unparalleled level of customer service.

In addition to their helpful support throughout the year, our award-winning advisors all have a little extra something that makes them special.

Whether it’s Rhonda giving you tips from her years of homeschool experience or Holly leading a community service event, or one of our many other uniquely talented advisors, you are guaranteed our best all year round.


Spirit of Inspiration

We start every conversation with a desire to understand the realities of your students, home and schedule. Next we put together a perfect blend of academics and creative ideas to take learning beyond the books and encourage kids to explore.

Then we pepper in some opportunities to take advantage of live online classes or get involved in student activities, clubs and service projects.

Finally, we test and tweak your program to be certain that every course fits like a glove and upholds our high standards.

This approach to a personalized homeschool experience brings out the best in each student and inspires a love for learning and a confidence that lasts.


Go Off Script

Having a personal advisors means you have the flexibility to enjoy learning adventures outside of the curriculum if there’s something that shouldn’t be missed.

Is your student interested in knowing more about medieval knights? Take a detour and do some digging on your own or head to our online resource center to find lessons designed to inspire.

Enjoy the outdoors? Take time off to get out and explore. This is your homeschool journey.

Tell us what you’ve been dreaming of, and we’ll go above and beyond to help you make it happen.



Need help choosing the best package for your child? Call us at (800) 863-1474!