How to Homeschool Part I: Find Your Homeschool style

So, you have decided to homeschool. Unless you have been around the homeschooling block a few times or are surrounded by homeschooling friends, you may be wondering, now what? There

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New to Homeschooling, Tips & Ideas
Setting Up a Real “Virtual” Classroom

As we get further into August, and as COVID-19 case numbers remain at higher levels than any of us would like (especially school administrators), the prospect of schools starting the

Curriculum, New to Homeschooling
Get a Jumpstart on the New School Year

It’s been quite an interesting summer, hasn’t it? COVID-19 is still affecting people across the country, and though the upcoming school year is scheduled to start in a mere couple

New to Homeschooling, Tips & Ideas
Microschools? Pandemic Pods? What You Need to Know

With so much chaos surrounding the reopening (or not reopening) of schools across the country, you’ve probably heard the terms “pandemic pods” or “microschool” thrown around lately. It’s not surprising,

New to Homeschooling, Tips & Ideas
From the Mouths of Kids: What We’ve Learned from Students Schooling at Home. Part 5: Belonging and Connecting with Friends

As parents deliberate whether to send their children back to school in the fall, amid skyrocketing COVID-19 cases in many parts of the country, perhaps we should all listen to

How To Homeschool When Working Full Time

By: Kelly Shaw, Bridgeway Parent The question often comes up, “How do you have a

Balancing Full-Time Work with Homeschooling: Bridgeway Can Help

“How can I homeschool my child if I’m working full time?” It’s a question that

Hit Your Family’s Reset Button with Screen-Free Week

For many of us, screen time all too easily invades our family time. Even when

When Moms Have to Work: Why Homeschooling Can Work for Working Parents

In tight financial times, more homeschool moms than ever have to work part-time. Our finances

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