7 Benefits of Working with a Homeschool Academy

When you first start homeschooling, it’s easy to think, “I can do this all myself.” You get caught up in the excitement of researching courses, putting lesson plans together, planning

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How to Homeschool Part I: Find Your Homeschool style

So, you have decided to homeschool. Unless you have been around the homeschooling block a few times or are surrounded by homeschooling friends, you may be wondering, now what? There

Curriculum, New to Homeschooling, Tips & Ideas
How to Choose the Perfect Homeschool Curriculum

Choosing a homeschool curriculum can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of different programs out there all advertising to be the best. You want the right program for your

New to Homeschooling, Tips & Ideas
10 Homeschooling Terms Defined

Have you ever read a homeschool blog, like this one, or scrolled through a homeschooling group on Facebook only to be bombarded with vocabulary you don’t fully understand? Or maybe

Tips & Ideas
Avoiding Homeschool Burnout

Let me introduce you to your worst homeschool enemy…burnout. No motivation. Cranky kids who refuse to do work. Lack of excitement for learning. Doesn’t sound fun, does it? Nobody wants

Fears Realized: The Negative Effects of CCSS for Students and Parents

We’ve been concerned about Common Core State Standards, or CCSS, for many reasons including the

What You Can Expect for your Child’s Education Under Common Core

As a parent, you always worry if you’re doing enough for your child to help

You Don’t Have to Accept Common Core

Common Core Standards and the curriculum designed to implement have been quietly developing over the

Common Core, Testing, and Your Rights

No doubt you have heard the uproar surrounding the Common Core State Standards, or CCSS.

Digging into Common Ground: The Truth about Common Core Standards

Do you honestly understand what Common Core standards are all about? A recently released Gallup

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