Recharge Your Homeschool Classroom and Avoid the Mid-Winter Slump

The holidays have passed us by, yet spring is still quite far away for many of us. Has your homeschool classroom tumbled upon the dreaded mid-year slump? It’s a difficult time of year – even many of us “grown-ups” have grown bored and restless, and ready for a new season. But there are ways to generate some energy and enthusiasm in your classroom, today! READ MORE


Common Core, Testing, and Your Rights

No doubt you have heard the uproar surrounding the Common Core State Standards, or CCSS. We’ve discussed previously the realities of the “newest thing” in education and its negative impact upon our school systems and nation. Though a majority of states have not fully integrated the standards into classrooms and standardized testing, the preliminary results […] READ MORE

Love Tech? Try Our List of 7 Teen-Friendly Apps for Education

We’ve got a bit of good news for tech savvy teenagers. Learning online continues to grow with more interesting, more varied, and simply more fun technologies than ever. App designers are in a head-to-head race to create educational programs that engage both kids and teens of all grade levels. Gone are the days of route […] READ MORE

Online Homeschool Interview: Jessica Parnell

1. How does online homeschooling work? Bridgeway’s online homeschooling is a fully online program that does not require additional textbooks. Students log on to the program and engage in upbeat instructional activities. These include videos, interactive games, upbeat instruction and online practice activities, quizzes and tests. Students also have the opportunity to build writing skills […] READ MORE

Homeschooling Violinist Extraordinaire: Kitsho Hosotani

“I want to be one of the greatest soloists in history.” No indecision, no second thoughts – Bridgeway homeschooling student and violinist Kitsho Hosotani began playing his instrument of choice at age four because he knew, instinctively, it was his dream to be the best. His recent orchestral debut with the Fox Valley Symphony in […] READ MORE