Are Video Games Helpful or Harmful to Our Kids?

Many of us have heard the term Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) by now; in fact, most homeschoolers today are involved in virtual classrooms in one way or another. With VLE’s, course information, learning materials, and assignments are provided via the Web, giving homeschoolers the opportunity to participate in some wonderful educational programs they might not […] READ MORE

Prepare for the SAT

Helping Homeschooling Families Avoid the College Debt Trap

Most families who chose to homeschool their kids have a college education in mind as a final game plan. However, when you make the calculations and discover the actual costs involved, sticker shock is a common occurrence. Homeschooling families are resourceful. We bond well, work efficiently together, and make things happen that most people don’t […] READ MORE

Six Homeschooling Goals for the New Year

January is a month to discuss things to come, energize, invigorate and celebrate the positive forward thinking that brought your family to this very moment in time. We hope your family is as excited about the upcoming Homeschool New Year as we happen to be! Although 2013 was a good year, there were many tragedies […] READ MORE

Busy Box: 5 Rules to Keep Kids Engaged and Moms Sane

You know the scene; while you’re fighting through long division with one child, your toddler empties the entire roll of toilet paper onto the bathroom floor, and your fifth grader is somehow playing Minecraft, again. Many of us are almost to the end of the marathon that is our school year and, as the winter […] READ MORE

Top 10 Reasons Parents Decide to Homeschool

Although choosing to homeschool has little to do with college football, a comparison can be made with your child’s educational success and a season-winning gameplan. If you didn’t begin with a strategy in mind, it’s time to evaluate where you are and what your ultimate goal is. We can agree that an excellent education is […] READ MORE


College Admissions: Six Must-Do Tips for Success!

Applying for college is a hair-pulling, nail-biting time of life for parents and students alike. You know there are mistakes and pitfalls, just as you know there are secrets to help pave your way. But nothing about the process is cut-and-dry. The waters around the admissions process are always a bit murky. Six Go-To Admissions Tips […] READ MORE


Autism Awareness Month: Keep Your Labels Off My Child

If you have experience educating a special needs child, you know, or at least suspect, that children labeled as “learning disabled” possess certain strengths that far exceed those of an average or even advanced student. However, you have probably also noticed that rather than promoting those strengths and using them to help these students succeed, […] READ MORE