Tip Tuesday: August wrap up

Every day, we try and share pointers with parents to make the experience of homeschooling easier, more enjoyable and as rewarding as possible. Often, we are able to share those ideas on our Facebook, and this month, we wanted to make it official. This is our inaugural Tip Tuesday blog wrap-up post! We post these […] READ MORE


Jessica’s 7 Keys To Homeschool Success — Part 1

There are many aspects of homeschooling that might seem daunting to parents at first. Scheduling, the curriculum, the daily lunches and snacks, planning for field trips and vacations, or dealing with a stressed student (or spouse!) — it’s a lot to take on! Lots of new-to-homeschooling parents often ask us if there is a how-to […] READ MORE

Bullying is more than physical

It’s no secret that bullying has become a major problem in the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), 1 in 3 students in the U.S. said they have been bullied at school. And thanks to anonymous social media networks, bullies have entirely new platforms to make fun of […] READ MORE


Bridgeway in the News

With public schools in Philadelphia struggling to find money to open their doors this September, and parents across the nation raising questions about new Common Core standards, the spotlight on homeschooling education has never been greater. As a result, national and local media outlets have been chomping at the bit to learn about homeschooling, and […] READ MORE


Bridgeway Homeschool Academy Student Profile: Tabrizi Karimi

Homeschooling has many faces and there are so many different types of homeschoolers: full-time, part-time, accelerated, high school, online. The list goes on and on! Aside from being able to take back control of your child’s education, we’ve found that parents love the flexibility and individuality that homeschooling allows. Because, as you know, life doesn’t […] READ MORE


Bridgeway Homeschool Academy Student Spotlight: Seth Manning

Many homeschooling families have been committed homeschoolers from the beginning. They knew they wanted to educate their children at home and pursued that option from the get go. Others, however, stumble into homeschooling looking for more flexibility or family time, because they have a struggling student, and often because they have been let down by […] READ MORE

Learning through Digital Media

Apps and Advice for your Homeschooler’s First Device

As a mom with multiple students who each have their own distinct learning style, I’m always looking for creative ways to keep them occupied without having to be constantly looking over their shoulder! Technology has proven to be a great way to keep my tech loving kiddos engaged and free up time for myself while […] READ MORE