The Ten Most Important Things About Your Dad

1. He is strong enough to catch you if you fall.   2. He leads the family.   3. He is your best cheerleader.   4. He sacrifices his own time to be there for his kids.   5. Bits of encouragement from him mean more than an award.   6. He works hard to […] READ MORE

Homeschool summer camp

How Homeschool Families Can Use Their Summers Wisely

When a homeschooling parent thinks about summer camp, it can often feel like they’re farming their kids out or sending them away from the home. But if parents look for a summer camp with the right frame of mind, and think about what they want their kids to gain from camp, it can actually be […] READ MORE

Are Video Games Helpful or Harmful to Our Kids?

Many of us have heard the term Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) by now; in fact, most homeschoolers today are involved in virtual classrooms in one way or another. With VLE’s, course information, learning materials, and assignments are provided via the Web, giving homeschoolers the opportunity to participate in some wonderful educational programs they might not […] READ MORE

Prepare for the SAT

Helping Homeschooling Families Avoid the College Debt Trap

Most families who chose to homeschool their kids have a college education in mind as a final game plan. However, when you make the calculations and discover the actual costs involved, sticker shock is a common occurrence. Homeschooling families are resourceful. We bond well, work efficiently together, and make things happen that most people don’t […] READ MORE

Six Homeschooling Goals for the New Year

January is a month to discuss things to come, energize, invigorate and celebrate the positive forward thinking that brought your family to this very moment in time. We hope your family is as excited about the upcoming Homeschool New Year as we happen to be! Although 2013 was a good year, there were many tragedies […] READ MORE