Homeschooling with STEM: Finding a Career in Circuitry

The future holds so many endless opportunities for our children, many made possible by new and exciting technologies. Whether it’s in community service, science, writing, arts, or engineering, technology has opened up so many new avenues for them to explore for future career opportunities. The problem is, the current school environment isn’t often set up […] READ MORE

Tips for Raising an Optimistic Child

There are times in our life when we are hit with the unexpected, when our load and challenges cloud every aspect of our day. An unexpected death, negative medical diagnosis, struggles with parenting, or just the winter blues can get us down. And that cloud often covers our entire family because, whether we like it […] READ MORE

Tips to Kick-Off Your Homeschooling Year Right

With 2015 right around the corner, I usually like to take some time to reflect over my past homeschool year to decide what worked, what didn’t, and see where I might need to make some changes. While I normally like to create goals at the beginning of each homeschool year, I still keep my curriculum […] READ MORE

Incorporate Learning Into Your Homeschool Holiday Plans

For our family, the Christmas season is an exciting time of year. We love to come up with thoughtful gifts, try out new recipes, find ways to bless others and reserve plenty of time for family and friends. But because I am a bit ambitious, it can be tough managing all of those expectations and […] READ MORE


Top 15 Educational Toys That Should be on Your List

Even though we try to remind our children that the real reason for the Christmas celebration is to remember the birth of our Lord and thank God for sending His his only son to save us, we still have to be realistic. They’re still expecting gifts under the tree! Gift giving is a wonderful way […] READ MORE


Teaching Your Homeschooler about the Real Meaning of Christmas

This time of year can be magical, when celebrating Christ’s birth, enjoying family time, and nurturing family traditions elevates our hearts and experiences, and when love and giving out of a grateful heart for the greatest gift that was given, become the focus of our thoughts and activities. But, for all too many of us, […] READ MORE