Crossing Over Into Homeschooling Is Simple

As a parent, your heart’s desire is not just to see your child grow and succeed, but to thrive.  That’s why we spend hours waiting for their basketball practice to end, going to every recital, and feeling like a taxi driver who barely gets everyone where they need to go. We meal prep, study prep, and still make time to tuck them into bed — just to start all over again in the morning. And when it comes down to it, we don’t just want our kids to have the highest test scores in every subject — we want our kids to be well-rounded, carrying family values with them and excited about their future. At Bridgeway Academy, we believe the best education starts with knowing each individual child best, then allowing them to pursue their passions. Our programs make crossing over into homeschooling SIMPLE. Here are 6 simple reasons why crossing over into homeschooling is simple with Bridgeway Academy!

Success- Did you know that homeschoolers are increasingly being recruited by colleges, and they test higher than their peers on academic tests? Homeschoolers have higher ACT scores; 66.7% graduate compared to 57.5% in other schools; they generally score 15 to 30 percentile points above others on standard academic achievement tests; and homeschooled students maintain an average of a 3.46 GPA in college, slightly above the norm. Homeschooling gives your child the freedom to learn at their own pace and master topics that might normally be a struggle for them in school. Homeschooling allows children to individually learn at their own pace, their own level, and according to their learning style.

Involvement- One main sign that you need to cross over into homeschool from traditional school is that you want more involvement in your child’s education. You want to have a say in what they learn, how they are taught, and who they interact with on a daily basis, so that you can shape their future. The majority of parents (57.1%) want to be more involved in their child’s life. What more noble reason is there? Also, more than half say their child is advanced beyond their grade level and needs to be challenged. With homeschooling, YOU are in the driver’s seat of your child’s education. Homeschooling gives you a hands-on approach, keeping you involved in everything they learn.  

Measure- Are you concerned about the current educational stats coming out of public school? Do you want your child to measure higher and learn more, and at their own pace? Homeschooling allows your child to pursue their individual excellence, whether that’s in academics, sports, the arts, or beyond! Homeschooling gives your child the freedom to learn at their own pace and master topics that might normally be a struggle for them in school. No longer do they have to wait for the teacher to help explain concepts; instead, you can take more time that same day to study and master the new concept.

Possibilities- Crossing over into homeschooling will enable you to shape and mold your child’s education, giving them a sense of purpose and connection to the world. A whopping 46% of parents are concerned about the moral, ethical, and physical environments of public schools. With homeschooling, your children will not only be protected from what you want to shield them from, they will also have the flexibility to live out their individual purpose and dreams. From full-time athletics to real-world internships to college courses in high school, homeschooling opens wide the doors of possibility for your unique child.

Limitless- Homeschooling opens the world of learning for your student. You can choose how your child is going to learn, from traditional textbooks to online programs to hands-on internships. As they chart their own course, the options for their future are limitless! That makes homeschoolers happier in general than traditional schoolers. 59% of homeschoolers, compared with 27.6% of the general population, consider themselves very happy with life after they graduate college!

Excitement- If you’re tired of the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional classrooms, crossing over into homeschooling is a great option. If your child has lost their love of learning, is being bullied, or is bored in class, homeschooling could return the spark and excitement they’ve lost in school. Homeschooling means you can teach your child how, when, and where they need to learn, so that they are fully-engaged and thriving.

Crossing over into homeschooling doesn’t have to be a challenge!  Learn more about how to make it easy with this free Step-by-Step guide. And, if you’re ready to find a homeschool partner that allows you to chart your own course in education, leave a comment below!

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