Tebow Bill

What the Tebow Bill means for Homeschooling

The number of states proposing Tebow Bill legislation is good news for homeschool students and parents who want to see homeschoolers take part in local public high school sports teams and extracurricular activities. What is the Tebow Bill? The legislative bills are named after former NFL player and current professional baseball player Tim Tebow. As a quarterback at […] READ MORE

How to Homeschool Part II- Your Get Started Guide

You’ve made the commitment to homeschool, a choice that is going to reap benefits and rewards in so many areas of your life! But now what? If you are new to homeschooling, you are most likely overwhelmed with the many curriculum options, homeschool styles, and requirements you are reading about all over the internet. And […] READ MORE

Accredited Homeschooling Programs: The Who, The What, and The Why

Accredited Homeschooling Programs: The Who, The What, and The Why When you choose to homeschool you’re faced with many options for companion and partner programs. We hear questions all the time like “why does homeschool accreditation matter?” and “what type of homeschool accreditation is best?” One thing is clear: accredited homeschooling programs give your child […] READ MORE

Fears Realized: The Negative Effects of CCSS for Students and Parents

We’ve been concerned about Common Core State Standards, or CCSS, for many reasons including the emphasis on standardized testing, the loss of individualized learning, the unrealistic requirements for teachers and students alike, and the lack of parental communication and involvement in the implementation process. And our concerns have proven to be founded, in ways we […] READ MORE