How to Homeschool Part I: Find Your Homeschool style

So, you have decided to homeschool. Unless you have been around the homeschooling block a few times or are surrounded by homeschooling friends, you may be wondering, now what? There
Transitioning to Student-Led Learning

As families across the country settle into the world of home-based education, it’s fair to

Online Homeschool Interview: Jessica Parnell

1. How does online homeschooling work?Bridgeway’s online homeschooling is a fully-online program that does not

How to Succeed in Online Homeschooling in 2020

Did you know Facebook was founded in 2004? Or that MySpace (may it rest in

Learning Is Personal–and Fun–with Elephango!

Whether you’re a full-time homeschooler or are new to learning at home, there are so

The Mathematics of Sports

Spring is on the horizon, and for many it’s an exciting time of year. The

I’ve Picked the Wrong Homeschool Program…Now What? Part 2: Questions to Ask Yourself

Winter break is upon us, and the holidays are right around the corner. As you

I’ve Picked the Wrong Homeschool Program…Now What?

We’ve all been there…that point in a school year where you start to wonder if

How to Choose the Perfect Homeschool Curriculum

Choosing a homeschool curriculum can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of different programs

A Deeper Dive Into Part-Time Homeschooling

If you’ve given any thought to homeschooling your children on a part-time basis, you’re not

The How (and Why!) of High School Electives

Is your high schooler knee-deep in courses that make your head spin? APs. Upper-level sciences.

The Future of Learning? It’s Here and Ready for Your Home

This post is not affiliated or sponsored by iRobot, all opinions are our own.  You’ve

What Happens When a Homeschool Mom Hasn’t Mastered What She Needs to Teach

From the time my son was in preschool and we started down the homeschooling route,

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