Math Homeschool Curriculum Review – Life of Fred

Humor in math? That doesn’t compute! In Life of Fred, there’s no shortage of fun ways to learn math concepts. Follow Fred Gauss through his adventures, from addition to algebra hilarious hijinks ensue. How does Life of Fred stand apart from the rest of math homeschool curriculum? It’s non-traditional approach to math draws in students […] READ MORE

Curriculum Review – WordBuild Online

Do you remember memorizing vocabulary lists in school? I had to write down twenty words that my teacher gave to us on Monday. Then, we’d have to memorize them, learn to spell them, and take a boring test on Friday. I wish I had had WordBuild Online, a cool homeschool curriculum that makes learning vocabulary […] READ MORE

Homeschool Writing Curriculum – Writers in Residence

If you’ve been in the homeschooling world for any length of time, you’ve no doubt heard of Apologia. Best known for their rich, Bible-based science curriculum that includes interactive notebooks, Apologia is one of the most trusted faith-based curriculum publishers for homeschoolers. However, you may not have heard of their homeschool writing curriculum, Writers in […] READ MORE

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7 Great Reasons to Choose Homeschooling

Homeschooling is an exciting and flexible educational option that more than 6 million homeschoolers in the US alone are taking advantage of for good reason. The benefits of homeschooling are boundless, and the dedication, time and care it takes to homeschool a child are well worth the investment. Why should you choose to homeschool? For a hundred […] READ MORE

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Live Online Courses Deliver Results

This is a personal story about how live online courses have changed how I approach teaching. Today was one of those days I would rate an epic failure; on a scale of 1 to 10, it ranked terribly close to zero. Perhaps if you knew me personally, you wouldn’t be surprised, but I look pretty pulled […] READ MORE

The Top 5 Benefits of Blended Learning

As homeschoolers, we’re already wired for “alternative education.” We know that our school journey will look different than most, with more flexibility and an individual approach that ensures our children get just what they need. That’s why blended learning is such a great fit for homeschoolers. It takes the best of traditional learning and “blends” […] READ MORE

Homeschool family shares their love for Bridgway Academy live online classes

Live Online Classes with Bridgeway Academy

One of the things we love about homeschooling with Bridgeway is the option to interact with other students and have a teacher through live online classes called Learning Labs! There are a lot of great age-appropriate options, so there is definitely something for everyone. I found this option gave my sons the opportunity to learn […] READ MORE

The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum Part III

We’re continuing our Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum series to help you find the best of the best homeschool writing curriculum for your learners. In case you missed them, check out our previous posts including Part I on what to consider when choosing the best homeschool writing curriculum and part II with our best homeschool writing […] READ MORE

The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum Part II

Finding the best homeschool writing curriculum to fit your child often presents a challenge to even the most seasoned homeschooling parents.If you read our last post on what to consider before choosing homeschool writing curriculum, then you know it’s not all about what you want, or even what your child wants! To find the best […] READ MORE

The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum Part 1

Writing. For some the word brings joy, others dread. Writing and teaching students to write is polarizing, often beloved or dreaded by students and teachers alike. Learning to write well and communicate in written word is critical, but it can often cause battles that derail learning. So, how do you tackle teaching writing in a […] READ MORE