Beat Summer Boredom with Online Homeschool Lessons

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off! Ensure your learners stay on track with the best in online homeschool lessons for all ages. Kids today are all about using technology to have fun and stay engaged, so utilize that desire to promote learning and stop summer slide. There are several safe and fun websites with online homeschool lessons that will keep your kids learning and enjoying their summer break!

Our Top Choice for Online Homeschool Lessons

The first website that I recommend is Elephango is an educational resource designed around the neuroscience of learning. All of the lessons are categorized by class, grade level, learning style, personality style, and lesson length which makes its really easy to find the best lesson for your child!. Each lesson has three sections: Get it, Got it, and Go.

  • Get it is designed to engage your student in each lesson and help them comprehend what they’re learning.
  • Got it ensures that your student understands the lesson by using questions, games, and activities to reinforce what they just learned.
  • The final section Go applies the lesson to real life and provides fun and easy activities to do at home!

You can also assign lessons to your child’s account and view the lessons they’ve already completed. Likewise, every time they complete a lesson they earn points and a badge!  Another factor that sets Elephango apart from other online resources is that it is completely safe for all kids to use! Each lesson is created by experts and teachers and vetted to ensure safety for all ages!

Other Online Homeschool Lessons Platforms

  • Another online program that can be used to stop summer slide is National Geographic Kids. National Geographic Kids has videos, games, and activities that kids can use to feed their curiosity. They have resources and games about animal animals, science, space, geography, and more!
  • is another online homeschool resource that kids can use during the summer! It has activities and games for elementary schoolers that teach them about the basics of phonics, math, music, and science.
  • If your child is learning to read, a great online resource is has lessons designed to take students all the way through learning their ABC’s to reading books!
  • If your child is a fan of Dr. Seuss, then is the website for them! It has games, activities, and resources that are all designed around your child’s favorite Dr. Seuss books. They also have resources for both educators and parents to use during the summer or a supplement during the school year!

It is extremely common for students to struggle with summer slide when trying to return to school each year! It is also difficult to get your student to engage in homeschooling lessons over summer vacation. So make things easier by trying out one of these online homeschool lesson plaforms that make learning fun, easy, and accessible for the whole family!


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