The Benefits of Homeschool Foreign Languages

Back in my own high school days (we won’t mention just how long ago that might have been), one of my favorite daily high school classes was French with Ms. Springman. There was something absolutely magical about listening to her speak French so eloquently — even when I didn’t understand a word of what she […] READ MORE

homeschool english

Make Homeschool English and Reading Fun!

In the homeschool community there’s no conversation more enticing, or controversial, than how we teach language arts and reading. Thousands upon thousands of blog posts, curriculum, and methods have been created to teach our students how to read and write. But, the real challenge often isn’t teaching our homeschoolers how to read or write well, […] READ MORE

online learning courses

Live Online Courses Deliver Results

This is a personal story about how live online courses have changed how I approach teaching. Today was one of those days I would rate an epic failure; on a scale of 1 to 10, it ranked terribly close to zero. Perhaps if you knew me personally, you wouldn’t be surprised, but I look pretty pulled […] READ MORE