Favorite Christmas Traditions from You!

We asked, you answered! Check out these wonderful Christmas traditions from our Bridgeway Academy parents and students! I live in the desert and there is this huge cactus garden outside of a chocolate factory. Every Christmas they light up the cactus garden with thousands of lights. My family goes to walk through it and we […] READ MORE

How to Homeschool Multiple Ages While Keeping Your Sanity

Guest post by Shelly of RedHeadMom. Check out her website here: There’s No Place Like Home As a mom of 11 kids, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “How in the world do you homeschool all those children?” I’ll admit that the task surely can seem daunting to those unfamiliar with […] READ MORE

Your Guide to College Prep – A Bridgeway Academy Webinar

I remember when I was a senior in high school that college prep was REALLY stressful for me. Living in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with a plethora of colleges available for the choosing because of the location, it was mind-boggling! Where to apply? Did I want a smaller, liberal arts college or a big, public university? I […] READ MORE

Bridgeway Academy Presents: “How to Prepare for College” Webinar

Just thinking about college can scream “stress!” Whether you’re an eighth-grader entering high school or a senior, it’s important to think about your future. That’s why Bridgeway Academy is offering a FREE College Prep webinar on November 3rd, 2017, from 2-3 PM EDT. From learning how to prepare for the SATs and ACTs to making […] READ MORE


How To Set Up A Homeschool Schedule That Works

It’s that time of year when we’re all getting excited (well most of us!) and preparing for a new school year. And, while we may have bought our curriculum or chosen our program in the spring, it’s now time to start making a schedule that includes lessons, co-op or live classes, extracurricular activities, and field […] READ MORE

Accredited Homeschooling Programs: The Who, The What, and The Why

Accredited Homeschooling Programs: The Who, The What, and The Why When you choose to homeschool you’re faced with many options for companion and partner programs. We hear questions all the time like “why does homeschool accreditation matter?” and “what type of homeschool accreditation is best?” One thing is clear: accredited homeschooling programs give your child […] READ MORE


The 2014 Bridgeway Homeschool Academy Graduation

This year’s Bridgeway Graduation Ceremony is in the books, and the verdict is … this year might have been the best one yet! Over 30 students from around the country, and some international students, joined us at the Providence Presbyterian Church in Quakertown, PA for our 24th annual Bridgeway Homeschool Academy Graduation. Graduation is a […] READ MORE

The Ten Most Important Things About Your Dad

1. He is strong enough to catch you if you fall.   2. He leads the family.   3. He is your best cheerleader.   4. He sacrifices his own time to be there for his kids.   5. Bits of encouragement from him mean more than an award.   6. He works hard to […] READ MORE

Recharge Your Homeschool Classroom and Avoid the Mid-Winter Slump

The holidays have passed us by, yet spring is still quite far away for many of us. Has your homeschool classroom tumbled upon the dreaded mid-year slump? It’s a difficult time of year – even many of us “grown-ups” have grown bored and restless, and ready for a new season. But there are ways to generate some energy and enthusiasm in your classroom, today! READ MORE