How to Homeschool Part I: Find Your Homeschool style

So, you have decided to homeschool. Unless you have been around the homeschooling block a few times or are surrounded by homeschooling friends, you may be wondering, now what? There

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The “S” Word: Why the Homeschooling Socialization Myth Is Exactly That–Part 2

Part 2: Socialization Isn’t an Issue for Homeschooled Children In our last post, we discussed what socialization actually means and how it applies to homeschooling. If you have experience with

New to Homeschooling, Tips & Ideas
The “S” Word: Why the Homeschooling Socialization Myth Is Exactly That–Part 1

Part 1: What is socialization in general and pertaining to homeschooling? The “S” word. It’s the one word that utterly exhausts and exasperates every homeschooling parent. Socialization has become the

New to Homeschooling, Tips & Ideas
Homeschooling vs. School at Home: There Are Major Differences

As you’ve undoubtedly read and heard several times over the past few weeks, more than 55 million students in the United States are now home, with schools shut down from

Tips & Ideas
Social Distancing Summer Activities

As we continue social distancing throughout the country, there are some signs of light at the end of what’s been a very long, very dark tunnel. While many states are

Teaching Reading to Homeschoolers: Learning Style Resources

Learning to read is one of the most important milestones in a child’s young life

How to Teach Homeschool Writing Part 1: Homeschool Writing Blocks

I had a conversation with a homeschooling friend this week whose sixth grade daughter is

Teaching Kids About the Election Process

With the American Presidential elections right around the corner, comes a terrific opportunity to teach

The Importance of Homeschool Art and How to Teach It

A great benefit of homeschooling is that your students will have ample opportunity, and time,

How to Teach Your Kids Life Skills

Someday, your kids are going to grow up. They’re going to graduate high school, maybe

How to Teach Black History Month to Homeschoolers

Last week, I challenged the way we observe African American History Month by explaining the

Teaching Your Homeschooler How To Set Goals

Teaching Your Child How to Set Goals A new school year brings great anticipation and

10 Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Independence Day

For many Americans this week will be filled with picnics, fireworks, and red, white &

Learning Styles: How to Incorporate into Your Teaching Methods

How to Utilize Learning Style Assessments to Increase Every Child’s Potential The phrase “learning style”

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids Money Management

As a homeschool parent, you are trying to teach your kids all they need to

The Best Homeschool Curriculum and Teaching Tips for Visual Learners: Writing

Even the most seasoned teachers and homeschool families struggle teaching one subject: writing. Finding the

How to Teach Your Kids to Love Learning

Children have a natural propensity to learn. Imagine a 10-month-old discovering the world: they reach

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