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Secular Homeschooling

Enjoy the freedom of homeschooling your way

Secular Homeschooling Is Growing

If you’re looking for a secular homeschooling program, you know how difficult it is to find a program that provides the quality and flexibility you need. At its grassroots, the homeschool community was a faith-based community; however, with more and more families seeking secular homeschooling options, Bridgeway Academy has expanded its curriculum and programs to meet that growing need.

Best of all, our homeschool programs include the ability to choose or combine secular and faith-based curriculum and online classes to build a homeschool program that meets your needs.

Your Core Values at the Center, or Not

At Bridgeway Academy, our goal is to equip your family to homeschool your way with the best in homeschooling curriculum. And by best, we do mean secular and faith-based curriculum! We work with over 40 of the most respected publishers to create a homeschooling program that is unique, tailored to your learner, and reflective of your desire for faith-neutral homeschooling. With Bridgeway Academy, the teaching of spiritual matters is yours to drive, just as it should be.

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