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About Bridgeway Academy


Bridgeway home school students
are successful.

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy has helped more than 20,000 K-12 students enjoy the rewards of a home-based education. In fact,82% of our students have gone on to attend college—far exceeding the national average.


Bridgeway is fully accredited.

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy is fully accredited nationwide from pre-K to 12th grade—proof that we uphold the highest academic standards. Knowing that your child can go on to college or re-enter public school gives you peace of mind to enjoy a rewarding home school experience.


Bridgeway’s curriculum programs are customized.

We customize every curriculum plan to your child’s specific strengths and needs as well as to your family goals. Our in-depth placement testing assesses your child’s exact comprehension and skill level in core areas—something other cyber and homeschool academies are simply not equipped to do.


Bridgeway is supportive.

Our caring, enthusiastic academic advisors—all educators and former homeschoolers—are available by email and phone to answer your questions. And all of our record-keeping support services, resource lists and lesson plans are included as part of your tuition.


Bridgeway is flexible.

Whether you want to be highly engaged or hands-off in your child’s education, we adjust our approach to best suit you. Our large selection of different home school curriculums offer a wide variety of core subjects and electives for all age levels, giving you more control over what courses your child takes.


Bridgeway’s Mission Statement

We help kids succeed by tailoring learning to their strengths and needs, by offering dedicated support to their family, and by giving them the freedom to pursue their God-given gifts and abilities.

Bridgeway’s Vision Statement

To become the best and most recognized home school academy in the world.

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