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“Our daughter has absolutely flourished in Bridgeway’s homeschool environment. For the first time in her high school education, she does not feel singled out because of her dyslexia.”

Cheryl, Bridgeway Parent

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Bridgeway Academy is excited to announce that all Wisconsin families enrolling with Bridgeway Academy are able to purchase a discounted first year membership with the Center for Homeschool Liberty.  To learn more about member benefits, click here.

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Wisconsin Homeschool Laws

Complete Homeschool ProgramBelow is a brief summary of the homeschooling law in Wisconsin.

Compulsory School Age
“between the ages of 6 [by September 1] and 18 years”

Links for Wisconsin Homeschool Law:

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Home Page

Wisconsin Homeschool Specific Information

Homeschool help for Wisconsin Homeschoolers

Wisconsin Legal Home Schooling Options:
Option: 1
Legal Option: Establish and operate a “home-based private educational program.”  *An instructional program provided to more than one family is not a home-based private educational program.
Attendance: Must provide “at least 875 hours of instruction each year”The first official step is filing Form PI-1206 with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on which you agree to comply with Wisconsin’s homeschooling law.
Subjects: Must provide “a sequentially progressive curriculum of fundamental instruction” in reading, language arts, math, social studies, science and health; such curriculum need not “conflict with the program’s religious doctrines”
Qualifications: None
Notice: File a statement of enrollment with the state Department of Public Instruction by October 15 each year
Recordkeeping: None
Testing: None

Additional Homeschooling Information Provided by Home School Legal Defense Association.

© 2010  NOTE: This summary is not intended to be, and does not constitute, the giving of legal advice. Many states have unclear compulsory attendance statutes, and the courts of those states vary in their interpretation of the statutes. Therefore, there is no guarantee any state will accept all of the options for compliance listed under each state. This summary is not intended to be a substitute for individual reliance on privately retained legal counsel such as that provided by Home School Legal Defense Association. Bridgeway’s advisors will talk to you about your homeschool concerns.

Online High School at its best, from an accredited homeschool academy and best of all with our student advisors, all home schools can customize the program and then assess your student’s progress, all completed online. All high school students receive an accredited high school diploma issued by the state of Pennsylvania. We make homeschooling easy.

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