Bridgeway Homeschool Academy ~ Flexible, Supportive, Individualized

“Training to be an Olympic gymnast means spending hours on practice without sacrificing my grades. Bridgeway Academy worked with me and my family to create a flexible homeschool schedule. That takes off a lot of pressure and my grades have never been better!”

Amber, 12th grade

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BJU Press and Bridgeway Academy - Christian Homeschooling

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Learning Labs

9 Weeks of In Depth & Interactive Learning

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Bridgeway Academy offers live online classes with students around the world. Upbeat certified instructors engage students of all ages with interactive weekly online lessons designed to inspire. Classes include specialty workshops where students explore their interests, dive into subjects that intrigue and challenge them, and provide difficult-to-find credit for high school students.
“Learning Labs are a great idea! Children who are not accustomed to being in class with other students learn how to interact with one another. Learning Labs are fun and interactive which makes for a very enriching learning experience.” Carolina C.

Try courses like:

• Science Through the Magic Tree House (Elementary Level)
• Fun with Robotics (Middle School Level)
• Kitchen Chemistry (Elementary Level)
• Web Design (High School Level)


Click here for Learning Lab sample videos


2014-15 Learning Lab Schedule & Descriptions

Session Dates Select a session below to find out more.

Session Session Period Registration Deadline
Session 1 Sep 22 – Nov 21, 2014 9/12/14
Session 2 Jan 5 – Mar 6, 2015 12/26/14
Session 3 Mar 9 – May 8, 2015 2/27/15

Grade Level Number of Weeks Class Time-Length # of Credits Offered Cost per Course
Elementary 9 Weeks 1 Hour / Week N/A $145
Elementary & Middle 9 Weeks 1 Hour / Week N/A $145
Middle School 9 Weeks 1 Hour / Week N/A $145**
Middle & High 9 Weeks 1 Hour / Week N/A $145
High School 9 Weeks 90 Minutes / Week 0.5 Credits $275
High School Science Labs 9 Weeks 90 Minutes / Week 0.5 Credits $495 (includes lab kit)

**Fun with Robotics lab requires the additional purchase of a materials kit


How to Get Started

Register now button-01
To Register, click “Register Now” or call 1-800-863-1474 to speak with an Admissions Representative on the phone! Have more questions? Our helpful Admissions Representatives will walk you through the process and answer your questions.

Already with Bridgeway? No problem! Contact your Academic Advisor at 610-266-9016 and let them know you’re interested in our Learning Labs.

“The Learning Labs helped my son become more interactive with peers. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, and the ability to interact via video conference makes him more comfortable and enables him to concentrate on what others are saying without anxiety.” Andrew J.

Student Learning Labs Handbook

Please use this Student Learning Lab Handbook to help ensure that you understand the program fully as well as what is required of you as a student.

Are you a homeschooler looking for more than just academics? Now your child can enjoy live online classes with students from across the country and around the world.

Upbeat certified instructors and experienced academic advisors, engaging classes and interactive weekly online lessons for students of all ages. Classes include specialty workshops that allow students to explore their interests, go deeper into subjects that intrigue them, and challenge themselves with courses like SAT Prep and upper level math and science.

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