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You know that homeschooling
accredited home schoolis the best choice for your child . . .


You are fueled by the desire to inspire their minds, challenge their thinking and build their character.

You're looking for a place that sees your child as an individual, values your role as a parent, and is committed to your success.

Welcome to Bridgeway Academy
We invite you to discover your child's potential and experience the joy of learning.


Since 1989, Bridgeway Academy's full service homeschooling program has been providing the best accredited homeschool education available to thousands of students world wide.

Homeschooling CurriculumKids love our affordable K-12 home school curriculum.  Academic excellence is both enjoyable and easy to administer at home.

Children proceed at their own pace and can even graduate early with our homeschooling programs.  Homeschool for high school students available today.

Bridgeway offers several programs-methods to homeschool your children.  We have the perfect customized curriculum for your homeschooling situation.  Our varied curriculum is ideal for a Christian homeschool family or a homeschool family looking for alternate curriculum.

Accredited Home School

Our accreditation and state-recognized diploma, allows your children to be eligible to receive scholarships, grants, financial aid and opens up job opportunities that a non-accredited home school certificate will not. Get a real diploma form homeschool academy, not a ged Accredited homeschooling provides peace of mind.

Homeschooling Produces Superior Students

Colleges and universities actively recruit our home schooled students, and over 80% of our graduates attend post-secondary schools and colleges across the globe.

Outstanding Homeschooling Support

Bridgeway Academy is professionally staffed by certified teachers and experienced educators with years ofEnroll Today in Homeschool Academy homeschooling experience.  Each student is assigned to one of these homeschooling experts. These student advisors will diligently and creatively encourage, track and support you and your children throughout the homeschooling years.  Are you ready to home school?

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