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Renee, Bridgeway Parent

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Hurricane Sandy – Relief to Families cleaning up the Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy, Devastating Effects Linger On, Bridgeway staff assists in relief effort.

Hurricane Sandy devastated millions, and the storms relief effort, cleanup, and rebuilding are still in the very early stages. There are MANY families still in desperate need, and we must remember to think of them during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Now, with the cold chill of winter and the holidays upon us, we need to dig deep and continue to give back and help the hurricane storm survivors in need.

Photo left: Clean up is underway for the devastation caused by Sandy.
Photo right: Over 5 feet of floodwater in a church kitchen, and the youth and children?s rooms.

At Bridgeway Academy, we hold the belief that service starts with community and with faith. That?s why we?re helping with the relief effort by leading up the provision of much needed supplies to families directly affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey.

We?re working alongside of one of our homeschool families who has set up a shelter and is distributing food and clothing to those in need.

Photo left: Eating with a family in need by the outdoor church fire.
Photo right: Feeding hungry people each day in the Highlands Borough, NJ.

We feel that being part of Bridgeway Academy ? whether you are a student, parent, counselor, or instructor, means that you ARE part of a larger family. We all should strive to do our part, and teach our kids that giving back is the foundation of a true community. If you would like to participate in our efforts, please get in contact with us through our Help Hotline: 1-800-863-1474.

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