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“Training to be an Olympic gymnast means spending hours on practice without sacrificing my grades. Bridgeway Academy worked with me and my family to create a flexible homeschool schedule. That takes off a lot of pressure and my grades have never been better!”

Amber, 12th grade

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Abundant Home School Resources, the Fiscal Cliff can be weathered by Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers are looking at the dire economic predictions and the constant debate of our looming ?fiscal cliff? over the course of the election and holiday season has many of us pondering just what this New Year may actually bring. How hard should we be pinching our pennies? The Russell Investments? 2013 Global Market Outlook doesn?t think that the ?fiscal tightening in 2013 will be severe enough to send the U.S. economy into recession.?

Seven Point List for Tough Times

Will you weather tough times with the Homeschool Spirit? Use this 7 point list to charge your soul.

  1. Speak positively. Look for the positive events in the world around us, in the news, and on the radio. Right now the economy is our burden, so we must strive to enrich their daily lives with a bright and positive outlook toward the future.
  2. Pinch pennies. Shoestring budgets may sometimes be a pain, but coming up with some great ideas for inexpensive homeschooling projects and outings can be a source of pride for kids and parents alike.
  3. Use educational movie times. Netlflix and other online streaming sites have opened up a plethora of great documentaries, national geographic or science programs, and historical movies available at the click of a mouse. Even the show ?How It?s Made? is a fantastic place to get little minds involved and thinking.
  4. Utilize video libraries. Take advantage of all that you can find online, about art, music, and other such lessons, and try it out together! It is also an excellent yet inexpensive way see if your child has some hidden talents that have gone undiscovered.
  5. Talk to your kids about change. Show your kids you have control. Reduce the stress! Be flexible, and focus your time and energies on important matters. Be open. Make happier and healthier changes.
  6. Make laughter a priority. There is nothing like humor to boost your outlook! The power of laughter and general silliness among family members is one of the most valuable and healthy things on this earth.
  7. Invest in some good reading. There are TONS of books out there about staying positive, staying focused, and getting ahead in life using your mind and willpower. Make sure your children are selecting reading material with a positive outlook that reinforces basic values and principles most important to a happy, successful, and wholesome life.

Your homeschool decision is important and will be the experience of a lifetime! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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