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“I have homeschooled my oldest son for years and have never enjoyed a program as much as I enjoy yours. The quality of material was what children could expect 60 years ago before America ‘dumbed down’ our education system.”

Renee, Bridgeway Parent

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Student Athletes and Performers

At Bridgeway, we realize the commitment you make helping your child reach their extracurricular goals. We understand the demands that travel and practice put on the family. We are here to help you and your child succeed.

Today’s elite youth athletes and child performers face tremendous pressure. Bridgeway has proven success working with students and parents from all over the country who recognize the importance of splitting their time between practice, competitions, rehearsals, auditions and academics.

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy ~ Student Athletes and PerformersWhether your child is an aspiring gymnast training at a world-class facility like the Parkettes, or spending hours a day as a professional actor or model, we understand the time commitment involved and embrace a flexible schedule to allow your child to succeed professionally and academically.

Flexible Daily Goals
We empower you to create flexible daily goals that enable your child to learn at a time and a pace that make the most sense given the realities of the practice and travel demands on your life. By enabling you to determine the months and days your child receives instruction, we enable you to create a truly customized school year. If there is an intense season of training and travel, we’ll work with you to schedule around it and help ensure your child stays on track academically.