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“Training to be an Olympic gymnast means spending hours on practice without sacrificing my grades. Bridgeway Academy worked with me and my family to create a flexible homeschool schedule. That takes off a lot of pressure and my grades have never been better!”

Amber, 12th grade

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Middle School Homeschooling

Middle School Grades — Preparing for High School

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grades known as the middle school grades are special opportunity years for homeschoolers!

At Bridgeway Homeschool Academy, we begin preparing students for high school in sixth grade.  By ensuring that they have all of the necessary pre-requisites for our college and preparatory high school courses, we prepare our middle school students for an easy transition into any of our high school tracks.

Whether your middle school  student goes on to take a vocational course of study, academic, college prep or honors, we ensure that he or she is fully prepared for the rigors of high school. This careful planning not only means more options for high school, but also means your middle school student is already one step closer to graduation.

You’ve come to the right place!

Many homeschool parents wrestle with fear and uncertainty—not knowing for certain what courses are essential for their child’s future.  Take comfort. Bridgeway Academy offers expert advice and careful planning for each and every student with one goal in mind—a successful  future for you child.   And we know from experience that the middle school years are critical to that success.

That is why we work with every middle school student to ensure that he or she has exactly the right courses to meet their current needs and give them the foundation they need for the rigors of high school.

I was looking for more than just a home school program; I wanted what my daughter called a “homeschool school.”  A homeschool school that would help me make sure that she was ready for high school.  We intended go from homeschool to school in ninth grade, but we have found that Bridgeway Academy is far more than we hoped for.  So this is one “homeschool school” that we intend to stick with through graduation.

And our commitment to success goes much deeper than simply academics. We are committed to preparing each student for a life of character and integrity as well as academic excellence. Our careful testing and candid conversations with parents help us to put together the ideal program for you and your child.

And for those who hope to take advantage of our Dual Enrollment College Now program, our advisors will plan accordingly to ensure that your middle school student is ready to begin their college level courses as juniors in high school.

So if you are looking for a “homeschool school;” one where you have help every step of the way, where you receive friendly support by phone or email; everything you need for a full year of middle school, and unlimited access to our many resources, then give us a call.