Bridgeway Homeschool Academy ~ Flexible, Supportive, Individualized

“Your method has made it easy to teach kindergarten material to my child. It has also made it fun for my child to learn her math and reading. She was so motivated, she even asked for more homework each day! Thank you.”

Tam, Bridgeway Parent

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Kindergarten – 8th Grade

At Bridgeway Academy, we act as a magnifying glass for a child’s natural excitement for learning. We fuel their passion for discovery by creating a highly customized curriculum that inspires excellence, builds confidence and provides support in a variety of formats to ensure your kindergarten to eight grade aged child not only excels academically, but learns to love to learn.

Bridgeway Placement Testing
Bridgeway Homeschool Academy ~ Flexible, Individualized, SupportiveMany homeschool parents wrestle with fear and uncertainty that you won’t succeed as a teacher, that your kindergarten aged child won’t excel. Take comfort. You have come to the right place. Unlike many homeschool academies, we recognize your child is literally one of a kind. That is why we conduct in-depth placement testing to assess your child’s exact comprehension level in core areas.

Then we customize your homeschooling experience with an individualized, flexible curriculum and couple it with on-call support and a robust online member’s area full of carefully vetted resources and useful information for all your academic and administrative needs.

Everything You Need
Our caring, enthusiastic academic advisors are teachers and former homeschool students who understand both the challenges and the rewards of homeschooling.

  1. We select curriculum materials that teach not only the ideas and concepts, but the underlying principles as well.
  2. This creates a lasting understanding for your child and makes it easier for you to fulfill your role as teacher and mentor.

Homeschooling parents love that our programs are the direct result of two generations of homeschooling families. Kids love our homeschooling options that meet their specific needs while you reap the benefits of one of the best and most affordable educational programs for homeschooling your children.

Please follow this link to our Homeschooling Programs page for additional information or here to start homeschooling today.

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