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“Your method has made it easy to teach kindergarten material to my child. It has also made it fun for my child to learn her math and reading. She was so motivated, she even asked for more homework each day! Thank you.”

Tam, Bridgeway Parent

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High School Homeschool Programs

Are you homeschooling a high school student? Getting ready to begin the journey? Then you have come to the right place.

We love working with high school students! At Bridgeway Academy we:

~ Help you structure the right homeschool program for each child
~ Ensure that your high school student is on track for graduation
~ Support you throughout the school year and
~ Serve as a trusted educational resource that your high school students can
rely upon to help with questions and challenges

We offer four different high school programs:

  1. Vocational/Technical
  2. Academic
  3. College Prep
  4. Honors
  5. AP and Dual Enrollment

View our high school graduation requirements here.

Because we want to ensure that your student is well prepared for acceptance into college/university or the workforce, we review our courses of study every year to align them with what is expected for your student’s goals.

Whether your student hopes to go on to a technical school, the workforce, a community college, or a prestigious college or university, you move forward with the confidence that a Bridgeway Academy diploma and transcript will open those doors.

And our nationally and internationally accredited record keeping, report cards, transcripts and diplomas mean that the value of your child’s education will be recognized by colleges and employers all around the world.

Best of all, we provide a variety of formats for your high school program:

Total Care Textbook

High school students can opt to take all of their courses using textbooks and/or workbooks.

Our traditional program gives students the freedom to stay on task whether at home, in the car, or traveling without Internet access. It is also a terrific option for students who prefer to get their hands on their materials, page back to review instruction or see the whole picture as they complete each course.

Our traditional option includes up to seven textbook and CD Rom courses as well as all Bridgeway Instructor Guides. Students may also select from specific online electives.

Read more about our textbook options and specific courses available.

Total Care Online

For students seeking a fully online interactive homeschool program ideal for visual and auditory learners.

Bridgeway’s online high school courses are filled with interactive activities, online instruction, video instructors, exploration, and online homeschool enrichments.

This is a great option for families who are seeking frequent teacher interaction, stronger accountability and video instruction.

Your Bridgeway Online package includes all instruction, interactive lessons, student study and note-taking guides where applicable, and teacher feedback and assistance for up to seven online courses.

Read more about our online high school program here.

Total Care Choice

For families seeking a mixture of both textbook and online courses.

Bridgeway choice offers the best of both worlds. Students can select up to seven courses, including up to four online courses.

With Bridgeway Choice, you can tailor the program to your student’s specific needs. Select online courses to take advantage of visual and interactive learning as well as increased teacher interaction.

And combine those with more self-directed textbook/workbook courses to give your students experience in both formats and increase your options.

College Now! Dual Enrollment

For advanced students seeking more challenging and/or college level academics.

Bridgeway’s Higher Education package allows your advanced student to select up to four Advanced Placement and/or college dual enrollment courses.

Both AP and Dual Enrollment courses include regular teacher interaction, higher level assignments, and a larger time commitment from your student. Both provide the ability to earn college credit while also meeting high school requirements.

Students may take up to seven total courses for the school year. Remaining courses may be selected from either online or textbook options.

Read more about AP Classes

Read more about Dual Enrollment

Bridgeway Support

Record Keeping Only packages are offered for the families who enjoy selecting and purchasing all their own curriculum but would like to utilize our accredited record keeping services.

All courses must be submitted for approval and records will need to be returned a minimum of two times per year.

Record Keeping services do not include advisor support throughout the school year or curriculum selection services; however, you receive:

  1. The help of our expert advisors
  2. Review and evaluation of all student materials submitted
  3. Accredited report cards and transcripts
  4. Direction on courses needed for graduation
  5. Peace of mind that your child is on the right track

Click here to learn more about our record keeping only plan

Call now — 1-800-863-1474 to learn more or click here to enroll.

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