Bridgeway Homeschool Academy ~ Flexible, Supportive, Individualized

“My son is learning disabled. Of all the curricula I ve tried, Bridgeway is the only one that has allowed him to learn and excel and feel good about himself. He loves it so much.”

Maria, Bridgeway Parent

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Christian Homeschool Academy – Bridgeway

You know that homeschooling is the best choice for your child.

You are fueled by the desire to inspire their minds, challenge their thinking and build their character.

You’re looking for a place that sees your child as an individual, values your role as a parent, and is committed to Biblical training.

Welcome to Bridgeway Homeschool Academy.

For nearly 20 years, Bridgeway has been providing a high-quality Christian-based curriculum that blends Biblical teaching with core learning in math, language, reading, history, science, and a variety of electives.

Our Christian curricula overlay strong academics with an emphasis on Biblical character traits and a Christian world and life view. Students are challenged to consider the why behind what they are learning and to evaluate how that learning translates to right living.

Our Christian curricula includes:

  • School of Tomorrow
  • Apologia
  • Bob Jones
  • Alpha Omega
  • and others

-all of which are used successfully in thousands of home schools around the country.

The Bridgeway advantage is that we have been developing and expanding our Christian home school program since 1989. As a Christian Homeschool Academy, first and foremost, we take homeschool learning to a new level. You have a need; we have a solution.

For more about getting a Christian Education and Christian Homeschool Curriculum customized for your children, contact us today.


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