Bridgeway Homeschool Academy ~ Flexible, Supportive, Individualized

“Your method has made it easy to teach kindergarten material to my child. It has also made it fun for my child to learn her math and reading. She was so motivated, she even asked for more homework each day! Thank you.”

Tam, Bridgeway Parent

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Christian Homeschooling

If you are a parent who is seeking to provide a strong Christian homeschooling program for your child, then you have found the right partner. 

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy ~ Christian Education

For over 20 years, homeschooling parents have turned to Bridgeway Academy as they work to provide a Christian education for their children.  Our curriculum options include some of the top homeschool and Christian school publishers and allow you to teach your children with high-quality curriculum that blends Biblical teaching with core learning in math, language, reading, history, science, and a variety of electives.

Our Christian homeschool curriculum publishers overlay an emphasis on Biblical character traits and a Christian world and life view throughout the outstanding instructional materials. These curricula include Accelerated Christian Education/School of Tomorrow, Apologia, Bob Jones, Alpha Omega and others–all of which are used successfully in thousands of home school programs around the country. See more about why to choose a Christian Homeschool curriculum for your child.

Are you seeking a homeschool program that allows you to teach the Bible as a separate course?  No problem!  We also offer curriculum choices that provide academic instruction without the Biblical integration.  The choice is yours.

Freedom of Choice

Unlike most homeschool academies, we provide you with freedom of choice. For families who want a traditional Christian homeschool curriculum in which Christian values and lessons are integrated across all the subjects, we offer several programs and choose the one best for your unique situation.

For homeschooling families who prefer Christian values and religious lessons to be taught separately from the core courses, we provide Bible course elective materials from carefully selected sources to supplement the rest of the curriculum.

All students are required to take a minimum of one Bible course through Bridgeway Academy in order to graduate.

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