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“Our daughter has absolutely flourished in Bridgeway’s homeschool environment. For the first time in her high school education, she does not feel singled out because of her dyslexia.”

Cheryl, Bridgeway Parent

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Seventh Grade

7th Grade Curriculum Middle School from Bridgeway Academy


Bridgeway Academy’s seventh grade homeschool curriculum packages are customized to your child to ensure academic success in middle school. Your advisor will work with you to find the best curriculum to meet the needs and goals of your child.


English / Language Arts

In seventh grade, students review prior knowledge of paragraph and essay structure and expand their writing into 5-7 paragraph essays that include descriptive, narrative, persuasive, comparison and contrast, and expository writing. They develop and expand their reading skills through the study of literature, which includes a variety of genres.

Grammar is emphasized and integrated throughout the curriculum and then in context through reading and writing. Dictionary and thesaurus work in book and computer forms, contextual study and word analysis skills are all included in this process. Vocabulary development and spelling are reinforced throughout the school year. An emphasis is placed on an increase in word study, reading vocabulary and the use of effective language, written and orally.

Writing includes paragraph writing, narrative, persuasive, comparison and contrast, expository five-paragraph essays and, by the end of the year, a formal five-page research paper on an aspect of their state’s history.


Literature study is integrated into the seventh grade English courses; however, students are also encouraged to read and submit specific assignments for four different classic literature titles.

Social Studies

Your advisor will work with you to select the appropriate social studies course to meet your seventh grade student’s specific needs and goals. Options include: Anthropology and the History of Mankind, World Geography, World History, Career Prep and State History.

Instructor guides are supplemental tools included with our curriculum

Math Problem Solving

Seventh-grade students are placed in a math program that is suitable to meet their needs and abilities. Possible placements include: Remedial Math, General Math (a review of fractions, decimals and consumer math), Pre-Algebra, Algebra I.


Seventh-grade students are placed in a science program that will meet their needs while preparing them for their future studies in science.

Students may opt to take General Science, which provides an introduction to life science, earth science, physical science and chemistry or specialize in one of the following courses: Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science.


Seventh grade students may opt to take electives through our online learning labs. Visit the Learning Labs page to learn more about these live, interactive courses where students learn with other middle school students from all over the world.

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