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“I have homeschooled my oldest son for years and have never enjoyed a program as much as I enjoy yours. The quality of material was what children could expect 60 years ago before America ‘dumbed down’ our education system.”

Renee, Bridgeway Parent

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Curriculum and Courses

Bridgeway Academy offers the best titles from a variety of curriculum publishers, providing a customizable solution that meets the specific needs of each of your homeschoolers.

ACE Homeschool Curriculum

Accelerated Christian Education offers individualized homeschool core curriculum from preschool through college preparatory levels in Math, English, Social Studies, Science and Spelling and Vocabulary as well as various electives for all grade levels.

Alpha Omega Homeschool Curriculum

Award-winning Alpha Omega LIFEPAC® homeschool curriculum delivers Bible-based content in a consumable work-text or CD ROM format.

Apologia Homeschool Science Courses

Middle and High School Science for Homeschool Students (Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

Critical Thinking Press Homeschool Enrichments

Very popular for homeschool programs, these academic enrichments are designed to build critical thinking skills that are so necessary in today’s advanced world.

Horizons Homeschool Curriculum

The Horizons homeschool curriculum helps build skills in Mathematics, Language Arts, Spelling and Vocabulary and Penmanship.

Paradigm Homeschool Curriculum

Paradigm textbooks are a terrific option for homeschool students seeking a self-instructional program that is both engaging and challenging.

TELL ME MORE Homeschool Foreign Language Courses

Auralog’s TELL ME MORE® solution is the most advanced language training program available. Coupling the best in instructional design with the communicative approach, Auralog has developed a solution that enables students to learn another language in the same environment as their native tongue. With superior technology, award winning quality, global support and presence, a proven system, and full time language and technology experts, it is no surprise Auralog is the company of choice of more than 15,000 organizations worldwide.  We want the best education for your student and that is why Bridgeway Academy has decided to offer Tell Me More Foreign language to our students.

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Foreign Language Courses

Rosetta Stone is a leader in foreign language instruction and offers a large variety of foreign language courses from French and Spanish to Arabic and Japanese.  This immersion approach to language instruction creates enthusiastic learners who look forward to the progress gained in each lesson.

Saxon Homeschool Math

One of the most popular homeschool math programs, Saxon presents math in a cyclical format by introducing new skills, while constantly reviewing prior skills.

Singapore Math Homeschool Math Option

A visual approach to mathematics, Singapore Math starts by introducing first-grade homeschoolers to counting using blocks and pictures; teaches second grade students multiplication and division; and by fourth grade students are learning simple algebra.  Singapore Math is available from K-6th grade for all students and from 7th-10th grade for advanced math students.

Steck Vaughn Homeschool Curriculum

In our effort to meet the needs of various learning styles, Bridgeway has carefully selected a number of Steck Vaughn titles to meet the needs of homeschool students who need a more visual approach to learning.

Walch Power Basics Homeschool Curriculum

Ideal for middle and high school homeschool programs, the Walch family of textbooks range from remedial to college prep courses and are designed to be self-instructional and project based.

Write Source Homeschool Language Arts

The Write Source program is a complete language arts program focused on the writing process. Home schools use this Homeschool Language Arts program frequently.

Worldview Academy Homeschool Courses

Does your student have the training to live and think like a Christian?  Your student’s worldview is the foundation for their values and how they will live their life.


Dual Enrollment on-line courses for high school students seeking both high school and college credits!

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