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“It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Bridgeway Academy’s Class of 2007 on the occasion of your graduation. You are to be commended for your hard work and commitment to excellence.

I am always excited to hear about talented and driven students who demonstrate a passion for learning and the initiative to work toward challenging goals.”

Edward G. Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania

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High School Math


Bridgeway Academy’s high school mathematics curriculum continues on a daily basis to build more advanced skills while developing reasoning, computational and problem solving proficiency, data analysis and knowledge of higher level mathematics. We have many styles of math curriculum to choose from, helping to create an individualized plan that will ensure success!


Literacy-Based Math Courses

Everyone learns and comprehends math differently. The “Life of Fred” math series takes a literacy, real life approach to the study of math. Students will see firsthand how mathematical principles intersect with real life through the life of the character, Fred. After reading stories about principles such as algebra, geometry, algebra with economics, trigonometry, and statistics, students will practice these skills using the course guidebooks. Students often find themselves having fun with math for the first time when using this curriculum!

Homeschool Math for High School


Pre-Algebra is a great choice for home school students who need to transition from the basics of fractions and decimals to a study of Algebra I. In Pre-Algebra, home school students achieve mastery in using formulas to solve equations, including formulas for rate, time and distance, the Pythagorean Theorem and the use of right triangles to find height and distance.

They will also study basic geometry and geometric vocabulary-points, angles, etc. and practice finding the volume and surface areas of solid figures-prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, and spheres. Additional activities include finding the hypotenuse of a right triangle, square roots and use of positive and negative numbers.

Home school students who complete Pre-Algebra are ready to transition into Algebra I, Consumer Math or Business Math.

Algebra I

In Algebra I students begin with basic algebraic concepts and move to more complex equations that challenge their mind and prepare them for higher level mathematics. This course includes principles for logically solving, transposing, and canceling algebraic equations and challenge students to work with monomial and polynomial expressions; algebraic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; factoring, quadratic equations, positive and negative numbers, averages, percent, interest, ratios, and proportions. We have many options for Algebra I including AOP, ACE, BJU Press, Life of Fred, Saxon, and many more! Your advisor will work with you to choose the most fitting algebra curriculum!


How were the ancient Greeks able to calculate the circumference of Earth over two thousand years ago? With Geometry. How many teens can logically come up with answers to the problems they face from day to day? This course will not only teach geometric concepts, proofs, properties and theorems but also challenges students to reason logically and systematically. These deductive thinking skills prepare students to become problem solvers in all aspects of life.

Algebra II

This advanced study in algebra takes students beyond basic Algebra and Geometry to more challenging reasoning and mathematical concepts. Such concepts include parabolas, hyperbolas, permutations, logarithms and matrices. Students also learn to operate with radicals, fraction and equations as well as advanced arithmetic and geometric shapes.

The approach is practical, enabling students to use their reasoning abilities. The program effectively equips your students with the necessary knowledge to excel in the real world and to advance to more challenging math courses such as Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus.


An Advanced Mathematics course, which includes Trigonometry, Probability, and Special Functions. Students completing this course are ready to tackle Pre-Calculus, Calculus and/or Statistics and finish with a firm basis in complex mathematical principles. Our trigonometry choices include AOP, ACE, Life of Fred, Saxon, and many others to suit all learning styles. We have online options for this course as well!


This course readies the student for college level calculus. The material covers the scope of Trigonometry – the functions, inverse functions, combination functions, coordinates and the function laws. As a higher level thinking course, pre-calculus will challenge students to hone the mathematical principles necessary to move into upper level math with ease.

Consumer Math

Whether your child is a gifted mathematician or a struggling student, Consumer Math is an essential math course or elective. This course prepares students for the math of real life. From how to balance a check book to how to create a budget and from managing family finances to loans, insurance and careers, this course is designed to prepare a student to function independently. Students are challenged with application of the concepts presented and projects that reinforce the concepts.


This course acquaints students with the nature, scope, vocabulary, and techniques of accounting. Intended to provide a firm foundation upon which to build, the course includes: introduction to assets, liabilities and capital, journalizing, ledger analysis, account management, balance sheet and income statement completion, accounting for sales and purchases, inventory control, tax preparation, and partnership and corporate accounting.


This online course allows students to approach the study of advanced statistics at their own pace. Concepts covered include algebraic expressions, linear equations, lines in a coordinate plane, descriptive statistics, counting and probability, and many more! One of the great benefits of this course is the immediate grade reporting and feedback, allowing students to master concepts quickly while reviewing those areas that they did not fully comprehend. This course is great for math lovers and visual learners!

AP Calculus

AP Calculus is for students who excel at math and wish to pursue taking the AP exam to gain college credit. Students who take this course will be challenged to master complex mathematical principles while preparing for college level courses. This online course prepares students for the Calculus A AP Exam while covering trigonometry and triangles, the unit circle, trigonometric functions, trigonometric equations and vectors.

For more information on how Bridgeway can meet all of your student’s homeschool math needs, call (610) 266-9016.

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