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What is the difference between honors and AP courses?

What is the difference between an honors and an AP course?

If you are trying to be competitive in the college application process, it is crucial to take higher-level courses such as the honors and AP courses.  Not only will they look great on a transcript, but they will often boost your GPA (because they are often weighted).

Both honors and AP courses can help you look good on a college application; however, it is imperative that if you take an honors or AP course, you do well.  Otherwise college and university admissions officers will determine that although you were willing to take the challenge, you were not capable of performing well.

But what is the difference and how do you decide which courses to take?

Honors Courses
Honors courses are designed to provide more academic rigor and will therefore demonstrate to college admissions officers your willingness to challenge yourself.  Their increased rigor will also prepare you for the courses you will encounter in a college setting.

In addition, when you do well in an honors course, you let college admissions officers know how you will do in a college level course.

Select an honors course if you are looking to increase the academic rigor of your high school program, if you hope to ramp up your college applications, and if you need to pull up your GPA (check with your homeschool advisor to ensure that the honors courses are weighted).

AP Courses
AP courses also provide more academic rigor and can demonstrate to college admissions officers not only your ability to handle college-level courses but also your willingness to take on a challenge.

But AP courses go further than that. These courses are designed to prepare students for the AP exams.*

These tests can be taken after the completion of the AP course. Earning a 3 on the exam will demonstrate your competence in the subject and will earn you college credit in some colleges. However, achieving a 4 or 5 on that exam should be your aim as many top colleges and universities will not award credit for a score lower than a 4.

AP courses can also boost your GPA as honors courses do.  These courses will appear as an honors credit on your Bridgeway Academy transcript upon completion of the course.

*In order to receive AP credit for this course, you must take and pass the AP exam. This course will appear as an Honors credit on your Bridgeway Academy transcript.

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