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Quite simply, I chose Bridgeway because they had curriculum choices that the other homeschool academies don’t.

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Third Grade

third grade curriculum


Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum packages from Bridgeway Academy are customized to your child to ensure academic success. The focus of third grade is to build key skills in math and language arts, while encouraging a love for learning in the information courses through hands-on projects, internet exploration and the opportunity to explore topics that interest them.


English / Language Arts

In third grade language arts, students review and expand on language arts skills that were introduced in second grade. From basic grammar and mechanics to vocabulary and comprehension, students review prior skills and engage in more advanced instruction.

Writing is integrated throughout the curriculum with instruction both in directed and creative writing. Writing includes: poems, journal entries, research reports, original stories, letters, invitations and thank-you notes.

In some courses, students also continue to develop speed reading and handwriting skills.

Reading and Literature

In third grade reading, emphasis is placed on mastery of basic word attack skills, literal and inferential reading skills as well as the development of oral and written comprehension skills.

In addition, students study character, setting, and plot as they read specific selections that both entertain and challenge.

Supplemental instruction guides for home schooling parents.


Third-grade social studies covers communication, conservation, communities, agriculture, geography and the discovery of America, as well as colonization and slavery.

This positive approach to history encourages students to love and respect their country. The heroes and heroines to whom they are introduced provide role models representing ideals and aspirations for which students can strive.

Other topics include community types, geography, government, what communities share, special people profiles and map and geography skills.

Math Problem Solving

Our third-grade mathematics curriculum continues on a daily basis to teach the basics of mathematics. Our goals include exploring numbers, operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, classification, fractions, decimals, estimation, time, money, value and measurement, geometry, problem solving and reasoning skills.

Other concepts emphasized include using calculators, graphs, discovering patterns, understanding the value of and counting coins, communicating mathematical thinking in written and oral forms and, most importantly, making connections among mathematical ideas, real-life experiences and math proficiency.


Bridgeway’s third-grade science program incorporates both written instruction and interactive, hands-on experiences to promote the natural curiosity, interest and discovery found in young learners. Students learn the Scientific Method and ask questions, plan and conduct simple investigations, using simple instruments to gather data.

Material studied in the earth sciences units include the earth and its resources, solar bodies, and weather and climate. In physical science, units include measurement (focusing on measurement of the weather), magnetism, matter/mass, forces and sound.

Life science units include a study of plants and animals, systems of the body, classifications and life cycles. Health, wellness and nutrition are also covered.


Third grade students may opt to take electives through our online learning labs. Visit the Learning Labs page to learn more about these live, interactive courses where students learn with students from all over the world.

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