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10 Myths About Homeschooling

The Internet is a sea of information and misinformation. Urban legends, incorrect statistics and bias can confuse parents and students who are considering or currently homeschooling. Learn the truth below.

Homeschooling Facts and Myths

Myths of homeschoolingIf I homeschool my kids, they won’t get into college.
Nope. Homeschooled children are more likely to get and STAY in a 4 year college, 10% more likely, and they have higher college GPA’s.  Why? Because education that is tailored to the student enables them to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life after high school. 57% of graduating high schoolers are not ready for the academic requirements of college. At Bridgeway we put your child’s future goals, from ivy league to pro athletics, at the center of their high school plan. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re preparing your child for a successful future. Many of our students have gone on to Ivy League universities.

And you’re not responsible to make sure your student has the right classes and credits. We do that for you, which is so important. At Bridgeway, we take care of the record keeping as part of your tuition so that you can focus on helping your child succeed in every area. In addition, your child can get a jump-start on college courses while still enrolled in our high school program by taking advantage of our dual accreditation and accelerated learning programs.

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Myths of homeschoolingVery few people homeschool their children.
More than 2.5 million children are homeschooled in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Why? The most common reason is that parents feel they can provide a better education for their child. And no wonder. We’ve fallen from #1 to #24 in the world for academics in 15 years. Government statistics show that the number of new homeschooling families is rising 15 to 20 percent each year. And the internet has opened doors to online classes, live hang outs, and so much more enabling homeschooled students to connect with others like them around the world. Check out our live online classes to see just how your student can socialize while learning at home.

At Bridgeway, you can download lessons plans, connect with other homeschooling parents and students, take web-based classes and email your academic advisor for fast, helpful advice. We make your success a priority.

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Myths of homeschooling My child won’t be able to socialize properly with other children.
This myth is especially live and yet couldn’t be farther from the truth. Regardless of where they receive their education, children interact with parents, family members, neighbors, friends and people in the community. In fact, we know from experience that the socialization children get during homeschooling is healthier, happier and more productive than the socialization that occurs in most traditional schools.

At Bridgeway, we encourage and facilitate interaction through live classes, dual enrollment, Facebook and social media, and more. Community-based programs like soccer, baseball and gymnastics are just a few examples of activities in which homeschool kids regularly participate. In addition, many school districts allow homeschooled kids to participate in extracurricular activities from band to drama to sports. We’ll help you design the best program for your child that includes their interests.

Myths of homeschoolingMy child won’t learn as well as he/she would in a traditional school.
Actually, homeschooled children learn better than those in traditional schools. Why? Because their learning style, their interest, their goals are put at the heart of their education. Homeschooling means your child’s experience isn’t about what is best for all, it’s about what is best for them. And that’s what works.

Traditional schools are forced to target the widest possible range of learning abilities and styles which can result in a less-than-effective educational experience for many children. At Bridgeway, your child’s education is customized to their unique learning and testing style and matches your specific goals and teaching style as well. This kind of one-on-one attention is what makes homeschooling with Bridgeway so effective.

Myths of homeschoolingMy kids will just sit at home all day.
Homeschooled children are active, engaged, and involved in their learning. Because it’s not about what is best for everyone in the classroom, learning is focused on their needs, abilities, and interests. At Bridgeway, we empower families to embrace experiential learning and extracurricular activities. What better way for your child to learn a science lesson about butterflies than to go outside, observe them, take photos and craft a report?

Another great benefit of Bridgeway’s flexible approach is that you don’t need to sign in at any particular time of the day. This gives you the flexibility to take a field trip when it’s convenient for you or move the classroom to another setting that is relaxing and inspiring. You can start anytime and we help you to design the school year that works for your schedule.

Myths of homeschoolingI’m not qualified to teach my child.
You may not know it, but you have been your child’s most important teacher all along. Who taught him to walk and talk? To know right from wrong? To be kind? Those lessons are much harder to teach than long division. You may not be a trained teacher, but you know your child best. And with Bridgeway, you’re never alone.

We do everything we can to support you in your teaching efforts. Different parents prefer different levels of involvement with their child’s education, particularly as your child gets older. We customize our curriculum to best suit your child’s learning style and your teaching style. Whether you want to be highly engaged or hands-off, we adjust our approach to best suit your distinct needs and desires. Our courses are self-instructional and come with teacher guides and answer keys, which make the teaching easier on you without sacrificing the learning your child needs to thrive.

Myths of homeschoolingMy children won’t have access to extracurricular activities.
Homeschooling actually frees up time! Students study more efficiently and a lot more learning takes place in four hours of homeschool than in a traditional school setting. That means that homeschooled children have more time to pursue their hobbies and interests and develop their talents.

Have an athlete? Meet Ebee Price, Olympic gymnast and scholar. Ebee was able to make it to the Olympics and attend Stanford, because homschooling gave her the flexibility she needed to become the elite athlete she knew she could be while reaching her academic goals.

At Bridgeway, you and your child are not constrained by a regimented school day. In fact, Bridgeway has helped many elite athletes and performers gymnasts, cyclists, actors gain the education they need while still pursuing their passion.

Myths of homeschoolingMy child won’t learn the right things.
One of the main reasons parents decide to homeschool is because they don t believe the public school system is teaching the right lessons and instilling the proper values. At Bridgeway, we provide parents with more control over what courses your child is going to take. In addition to fundamental courses in five core subject areas, we offer a wide variety of electives for all age levels. Parents may also provide their own electives and submit them to us for record helping you have a greater say in what is right.

Myths of homeschoolingHomeschool families are all alike.
In fact, homeschoolers come from all over the country from a wide-range of political, religious, philosophical and socio-economic groups. The two main reasons parents homeschool is a lack of trust in the public school system and the desire to spend more quality time with their children. At Bridgeway, we know your child is literally one of a kind, which is why we conduct in-depth placement testing to assess your child’s exact comprehension level in core areas. One child may excel in multiplication, for example, but perform poorly in division. Another may have a sixth grade reading level but a third grade math level. We individualize each curriculum plan accordingly something many other cyber and homeschool academies are simply not equipped to do.

Once placement testing is complete, Bridgeway engages you as the parent in a candid, in-depth conversation about your child’s personality, learning style and interests as well as your own long-term goals and aspirations for his or her education. And because each family has unique scheduling challenges, we help you set flexible daily goals balancing educational progress against the realities of everyday life.

Myths of homeschoolingAll homeschool services are the same.
Some cyber schools and homeschool academies are very rigid in their curriculum and scheduling. At Bridgeway, we believe there’s a better way. Whether you’re seeking an alternative to public schools, have a child with special needs who requires additional attention, are nurturing an elite youth athlete or professional child actor with scheduling demands or want a values-based education for your child, Bridgeway is there for you. We customize your homeschooling experience with an individualized, flexible curriculum, coupled with on-call support and a robust online members’ area full of carefully vetted resources and useful information for all your academic and administrative needs.

We are registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Education to issue diplomas and are accredited through the National Association of Private Schools. Pennsylvania has very strict standards for homeschools, and by exceeding those standards year after year, a Bridgeway education is recognized in all other states and abroad. It also means students armed with a Bridgeway diploma can receive scholarships, grants and financial aid when applying for college. We hope these homeschooling facts have helped you with questions you have. Contact us for any other specific questions.

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