Bridgeway Homeschool Academy ~ Flexible, Supportive, Individualized

“Our daughter has absolutely flourished in Bridgeway’s homeschool environment. For the first time in her high school education, she does not feel singled out because of her dyslexia.”

Cheryl, Bridgeway Parent

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New to Homeschooling Step by Step Guide

Ten Steps to Getting Started in Homeschooling

Are you new to homeschooling? Is this a completely new type of education for you and your child? You have come to the right place! Be sure to read these top ten steps to getting starting in homeschooling and visit Bridgeway Academy for help every step of the way.

Step One: Make the Commitment

Step Two: Know the Law

Step Three: Know Yourself

Step Four: Know Your Child

Step Five: Find a Support Network

Step Six: Explore Your Child’s Interests

Step Seven: Organized Homeschool

Step Eight: Commit to Homeschooling

Step Nine: Become Your Favorite Teacher

Step Ten: Get Ready to Learn

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