The Best Father’s Day Gift- A Dad’s Perspective

This is a guest post by Mark Parnell, husband of Jessica Parnell and proud father to their 3 daughters Abby, Hannah, and Amanda.  Father’s Day is almost here and many dads are wondering what their families will have planned for the day and what handmade gift or tie they’ll be getting this year. It’s a […] READ MORE


How to Get Ready for the School Year Before Summer Hits

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” —Alexander Graham Bell Spring has come and we’re almost ready to jump into summer! We’re all ready for a brain break, some sun, and a great vacation. But before the urge to put on your swim goggles and head to the beach or off to the […] READ MORE

5 Ways To Get Ready for College

It’s that time of year when the emotions of saying goodbye to high school family and friends are mixed with the excitement of your future and new college life. Up until this point you have, been pushing yourself academically, studying for exams, and researching the college of your dreams. But what now? It’s on to […] READ MORE

The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum Part II

Finding the best homeschool writing curriculum to fit your child often presents a challenge to even the most seasoned homeschooling parents.If you read our last post on what to consider before choosing homeschool writing curriculum, then you know it’s not all about what you want, or even what your child wants! To find the best […] READ MORE

How To Be Prepared For College Life

I just finished my first year of college and I cannot believe how fast it went by! In that short period of time (about 9 months) I learned more things about how to survive independently than I learned in my 18 years before college. I want to share a few tips with you, incoming freshman, […] READ MORE

The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum Part 1

Writing. For some the word brings joy, others dread. Writing and teaching students to write is polarizing, often beloved or dreaded by students and teachers alike. Learning to write well and communicate in written word is critical, but it can often cause battles that derail learning. So, how do you tackle teaching writing in a […] READ MORE

Why Do Summer Homeschool Programs?

Summer Homeschool Programs Ah! The Dog Days of summer. The days when we can kick back and relax, enjoy the sun, hit the pool and just bask in the fact that there is no homework; there are no school obligations; there are no early mornings…For some that sounds absolutely glorious. For others, not so much. […] READ MORE


Summer Serving: The Benefits of Community Service

Summer is coming and, for many homeschooling families, it is a time to relax, recoup, and reconnect with family. Many of us find ourselves frazzled by the end of the year focused on finishing up our lesson plans, tying up loose ends, and bringing the school year to a successful close. Let’s face it, by […] READ MORE


Teaching Reading to Homeschoolers: Learning Style Resources

Learning to read is one of the most important milestones in a child’s young life and education. Reading opens the doors to learning and sets the stage for a lifetime of imagination, understanding, and accomplishment. Being able to read and comprehend what’s being read is both a pleasure and a required life skill. That’s why […] READ MORE

The Best Learning Style Resources for Homeschoolers

Understanding your child’s learning style and speaking their learning language is critical if you want them to fully engage, understand, and master concepts. But it can be hard to implement learning style resources into homeschool lesson plans daily. Sometimes it seems like a chore to find and gather the learning style resources and then try […] READ MORE