Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Lessons for Homeschoolers

Today we celebrate the life of a crusader, Martin Luther King Jr., a man who changed the political and social landscape of our nation. As homeschooling families, it’s easy to ignore or gloss over this holiday or Black History month. The truth is that many of our history books do not adequately represent multicultural experiences. […] READ MORE

homeschooling midyear

Why You Should Start Homeschooling Midyear Part I

This is why you should begin homeschooling mid-year. Before a friend of mine began homeschooling more than 15 years ago, she spent almost a full year considering curriculum, schedules, planners and socialization. She wanted to do good research and make sure homeschooling was going to work for her family. During that time, the oldest daughter was struggling in school […] READ MORE

homeschool motivation

Homeschool Motivation in the New Year

The holidays are over, and it seems our homeschooling motivation often leaves with them. We’ve enjoyed days off with lazy mornings and family visitors, holiday parties and presents, and some much needed rest. But, the New Year has come and it’s time to get back into the homeschooling routine we let slide back in December. […] READ MORE

homeschool resolutions

Top 10 Homeschool Resolutions that Matter

Homeschooling has always been a blessing for our family. We have more time together, get to explore what interests us, and have the freedom to teach our values in ways that make sense for us. Still, there are many days when I wonder if I’m making the impact I want to while instilling a love […] READ MORE

New Year's lesson plans

7 New Year’s Lesson Plans for Homeschoolers

The new year has dawned! As you put away your holiday decorations, you’re most likely already considering how to get started homeschooling in this new year. The holiday break has been nice, but it’s time to dive back into school. What better way to kick off homeschooling and start the new year right than with […] READ MORE

homeschool performer

Homeschooling Performer Reaches for the Stars

Thanks to Bridgeway Academy, homeschooling performer Abby O’Branovich is ready to fly! The 13-year-old from Texas is only in eighth grade, so she’s not  literally ready to fly on her own just yet, but she is ready to fly on stage as Peter Pan in the TexARTS youth production of Peter Pan Jr. slated for […] READ MORE


Keys to Motivation All Year Long

There have been days that I couldn’t find my motivation, and I’ve wanted to quit. I’ve wanted to break down, drop out of school and become a hobo living in my own personal train car. These days usually follow stressful weeks full of classes and homework, finals week, or the occasional exam day. And although […] READ MORE

Merry Christmas homeschoolers

Merry Christmas Homeschoolers!

Merry Christmas homeschoolers! Did you wake up this morning to the sounds of eager young children bursting with excitement, ready to scurry out of their bedrooms to see what Santa Claus left under the Christmas tree? Did you turn on the coffee, fire up the oven and bake fresh cinnamon buns to fill the house […] READ MORE

Homeschooler sailing

Homeschooler Sails and Carries His Country’s Colors

Homeschooler Simon Gomez Ortiz Carried Colombia’s Flag in International Sailing Competition You see them in the Opening and Closing ceremonies of all Olympic Games: the flag-bearers. Each country chooses one athlete to carry their nation’s flag during ceremonies to kick off and close the prestigious international competition. In November, Bridgeway Academy student Simon Gomez Ortiz […] READ MORE

Christmas break homeschooling

Christmas Break Homeschooling

Ah, Christmas. Our family looks forward to this season all year long, but early on in my homeschooling years, I found this time of year stressful and overwhelming. Why? Because I always took on too much and forgot to enjoy the season for what it is, a time to put aside the to-do lists and […] READ MORE