A Different Way to Learn: Student Learning Labs

Sometimes it is hard to find unique learning experiences for your children outside the home while homeschooling. What if your students could interact and learn from a teacher and other students across the country while never leaving your living room? This past week I caught up with two families who are currently enrolled in Bridgeway […] READ MORE

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning:Video Games -Helpful or Harmful?

Do video games help virtual learning or hinder students? Many of us have heard the term Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) by now; in fact, most homeschoolers today are involved in virtual classrooms in one way or another. With VLE’s, course information, learning materials, and assignments are provided via the Web, giving homeschoolers the opportunity to […] READ MORE

Learning Styles

Learning Styles: How to Incorporate into Your Teaching Methods

How to Utilize Learning Style Assessments to Increase Every Child’s Potential The phrase “learning style” has been a hot-button topic in recent years, and has many parents scratching their heads as to its usefulness, validity, and benefit to their family’s homeschool classroom. Questions abound: Do my children have distinct learning styles – and do they […] READ MORE

Prepare for the SAT

SAT Exam Hacks II: How to prepare for the SAT

Are you ready for the SAT exam? Now that you know some study tips that you can use to prepare for the SAT exam, we wanted to give more hacks dedicated to each section of the test. As you practice, keep these things in mind and you will breeze through the SAT and see improvements […] READ MORE

Learning outdoors

Pictorial Post: Take Your Learning Outdoors

Today, I want to show you how to take your learning outdoors! We recently returned from a 10 day RV trip up the California coast, through Yosemite National Park to Mammoth Lakes. National Parks are a great way for kids to learn and they usually have plenty of educational material you can use before, during […] READ MORE

Learning through Digital Media

Tips and Tricks: Learning through Digital Media

Embrace the New From the classroom to mall, and all across the country, students are utilizing digital media as a means of connecting, communicating, creating, and learning through digital media can expand your potential with amazing advances in technology. Should your homeschool family be on board as well? Although our kids may be ready, eager, […] READ MORE

The Reluctant Homeschooler

Homeschooling Tips for the Reluctant Homeschooler

Are you faced with a reluctant homeschooler? Sometimes as parents we have to do what is best for our kids even when it means stepping out into unknown territory. And for some of you, that is exactly what homeschooling is—unknown and a bit overwhelming. So what do you when homeschooling has become a necessity? Perhaps […] READ MORE

SAT Exam Hacks- How to Prepare for the SAT

Are you looking for tips on how to prepare for the SAT? We understand that SAT prep can be daunting, both because of the size of the test itself and the weight it bears in the college admissions process. But preparing for the exam is actually a lot simpler than it may seem now, once […] READ MORE

Alaska Homeschooling: Bridgeway has an IDEA

What is there to know about Alaska homeschooling? Well, I can say, Alaska homeschoolers are amazing! That’s what I found when I recently traveled to Alaska for the IDEA homeschool fairs in Soldatna, Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau. What made Alaska homeschooling so different from homeschooling throughout the United States? First, the Alaska homeschooling families I […] READ MORE


The Best Homeschooling Benefits For Teens

I never really understood the homeschooler stereotype. Sure there are typical homeschool families with 10 kids, two horses, and a dog (in fact I knew a family like that and they were pretty awesome)! But there are also homeschoolers who travel the world, homeschoolers who are elite athletes, gifted kids, lazy kids, performers, and then […] READ MORE