How to Help Your Child Learn Through Play

Many parents have heard or thought of the dreaded four letter word when discussing their child’s progress or as you try to get through a homeschool lesson. “Oh, he just wants to PLAY.” This makes us cringe, because “play” means he doesn’t want to learn. Before we know it, worries of how our young one […] READ MORE

The Top 10 Best Apps to Keep Your Homeschool Routine Organized

As homeschooling parents, we all want to be more organized and productive during our daily routines. But, when we are balancing kids, creating lesson plans, and (of course!) the occasional curveball life throws at us, being organized is easier said than done! The struggle to balance leaves us searching for that sure-fire way to keep our […] READ MORE

Is Online Homeschool Best for Elementary Students?

There is no doubt that online learning is on the rise, among both primary and secondary students. The benefits to embracing today’s technology and having students log-in online for school are indeed valuable: flexibility, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and more. But is online homeschooling the best choice for elementary students?  Is it a good fit for young […] READ MORE

How to Teach Black History Month to Homeschoolers

Last week, I challenged the way we observe African American History Month by explaining the dangers of isolating African American History-focused lessons into just one month of the year, and highlighted the importance of embracing it all year round. As a follow-up to that discussion, I want to equip you with ideas to weave African […] READ MORE

Hit Your Family’s Reset Button with Screen-Free Week

For many of us, screen time all too easily invades our family time. Even when many families are together, they are still focusing on screens – whether it is checking messages, or using the ever-popular movie night as a way to spend time together. But what if screens weren’t an option? What could your family […] READ MORE

Homeschooling Ahead of the Curve, Keep College in Mind

Parents often wonder if their homeschooled child is ready for college. As a school counselor that has been working with kids for five years, I often hear the question: How soon is too soon to begin thinking about college for homeschoolers? Depending on the student, you could start as early as eighth or ninth grade. […] READ MORE