Homeschool Field Trips

If you’re a homeschooler, then you understand that seeking creative learning opportunities in the larger world is an integral piece of the learning process.  Homeschool field trips are a wonderful gateway to discovery and exploration and they don’t have to be elaborate or costly to be educational, either.  You can find a variety of inexpensive […] READ MORE

Physical Education for Homeschoolers

Anyone who’s attended a school remembers PE.  Some of us can even remember the garish colored uniforms we had to wear, or the infamous mile run around the track we had to complete when it came to annual fitness testing.  Some of us dreaded PE and some of us considered it the highlight of the […] READ MORE

Cyber Monday Learning Lab: Building Creativity through Online Learning Labs for Homeschoolers

The term “homeschooling” has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Students who only had a couple curriculum options now have resources with hundreds of publishers and online options! The opportunities are endless. Now families can craft more individualized curriculum and instruction and parents have more options to find breaks in their […] READ MORE

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas and Projects for Homeschooling Families

When the last of the brilliant colored leaves have fallen in November, it’s time to set our sights on Thanksgiving.  Homeschooling families near and far are blessed with an abundance of crafts and projects to celebrate this warming holiday.  From handprint turkey cards to brown paper thankfulness trees, the options are varied and endless.   […] READ MORE

Homeschooling and Socialization Part B: Clubs That Promote Homeschool Socialization

It’s no secret that homeschoolers excel academically.  Yet some critics continue to challenge them on an apparent “lack of homeschool socialization.”  Homeschoolers are often accused of not learning how to live in the “real world.” However, most homeschool families integrate a wide variety of socialization activities into their homeschool curriculum.  Here are some of our […] READ MORE

Integrating Music Into a Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

Everyone knows that little kids love music.  But did you know that preschoolers exposed to music benefit from increased math abilities, heightened appreciation for beauty, and higher SAT scores?  In fact, studies prove that children who receive music lessons as part of their curriculum have a 46% average increase in spatial IQ over their peers […] READ MORE

Homeschooling and Socialization Part A. Discover the Benefits of Homeschool Socialization

Are you a homeschool family?  If so, you have probably heard the question, “But what about socialization?”  The notorious socialization question, for most homeschoolers, is an amusing one.  The mainstream perception suggests that homeschool students are an antisocial bunch, whittling away the hours at their kitchen table with only parents for friends. But homeschoolers will […] READ MORE

Homeschool Music Lessons:  Integrating Music for Homeschoolers

As homeschoolers, one of our greatest challenges is deciding which courses to include in our curriculum.  For example, what is the best way to integrate music into our program? Do we purchase a music curriculum, join a choir or have our kids learn an instrument? And just how important are homeschool music lessons anyway? Well, […] READ MORE

Candy Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

It’s that time of year when we all seem to have extra candy lying around. Instead of eating it all (or sending it to work with dad) why not use some of it to experiment with?! We’ve always loved “playing” with our extra candy from Halloween so use these experiments as a starting point. From […] READ MORE

Teaching Kids About the Election Process

With the American Presidential elections right around the corner, comes a terrific opportunity to teach our students the various stages of the election process.  All too often we place our focus on the end stage of the election when the competition is simply between one candidate from each party. But if we want our kids […] READ MORE