The Best Earth Science Projects and Labs

My oldest is in 6th grade this year. We’re both excited, and a little nervous, as we jump into a more formal Earth Science course. Don’t get me wrong — we’ve done lots of science in the past because it’s one of his favorite subjects. But middle school is higher stakes. I want to ensure […] READ MORE

Matching Homeschool Curriculum to Your Child’s Learning Style

Homeschool curriculum. Those two words strike both excitement and dread in equal measure in most homeschooling parents. Homeschooling is unique in that we can individualize each of our student’s learning experiences, including schedules and curriculum. But, how do you make sure that the curriculum you’re purchasing is going to be a good fit and work […] READ MORE


Meet our Academic Advisors: Jeni Wollenhaupt

Jeni Wollenhaupt’s passion for teaching reaches deeply into the families she serves as one of Bridgeway Academy’s highly qualified academic advisors. “She is an amazing person,” one of the parents of her students said during a chat. “I’ve never had teachers or academic advisors who cared so much about her students.” Another parent wrote to Jeni saying, […] READ MORE

10 Reasons to Love Live Online Courses

Today, over 56 million students are using and enjoying virtual classrooms from every grade level and for almost every subject area. Innovative technology-driven classrooms are here to stay, which is why here at Bridgeway Academy we are excited to announce our live online learning labs have been expanded with year round options! Read on to […] READ MORE

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Learning Styles for Homeschoolers: Your FREE Guide

Countless studies, books and philosophies throughout the years examine learning styles and whether or not they truly matter and impact how we learn. Some experts claim learning styles are irrelevant, others claim they are essential to effective teaching. In the homeschool world, we have the ability to merge the best of both worlds, using what works in our […] READ MORE

Bridgeway approved: PLSA Gardiner Scholarship for Special Needs Students

This is special. Very special. Especially for children with special needs. Bridgeway Academy’s Florida-based homeschooling families with special educational needs (SEN) children are now eligible for the PLSA Florida Gardiner Scholarship to reimburse costs for our Customized package. Bridgeway Academy President and owner Jessica Parnell says that the scholarship’s affiliation is a validation of the […] READ MORE

Discover the Benefit of Individual Homeschool Courses

Online learning is here to stay, and the benefits are proven. But, if you are new to online homeschool courses, taking the leap to going online can be daunting. We all know that when it comes to choosing a homeschool curriculum, the stakes can be pretty high, and you do not want to waste your […] READ MORE

Homeschool Myth Busting: Learning At Your Own Pace

We’re back with our Homeschool Myth Busting series and ready to tackle individual versus group learning. On a regular basis, families hear that their children won’t be able to learn outside of a classroom and won’t be prepared, once they get to college, to learn in a group setting. This is one of the more […] READ MORE

5 Keys to Success as a Student-Athlete

Training, practice and determination create champions. And if you’re a student-athlete, you’re very familiar with this formula. You’ve dreamed of stepping onto the podium just like your role models. No doubt you are also accustomed to busy training schedules and long days of practice and school which are followed by long nights of studying, all […] READ MORE

Homeschooling Children with Learning Disabilities

Has your child recently been diagnosed with a learning disability? Are you worried that school is going to pose insurmountable challenges? Of course parents want what is best for their children. And academic success, while important, isn’t the only important aspect of your child’s life. What’s most important, at the end of the day, is […] READ MORE