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Blog for Us: Represent Homeschool Style!

Show Us Your Blog Athletes do it. Politicians do it. First responders like police, firefighters, and EMTs do it. Your parents do it, too. They represent. We look up to them when they represent their passion in a positive manner. We want you to represent your homeschooling journey with Bridgeway Academy in a positive manner. […] READ MORE


Should You Attend a Homeschool Convention

I’ll never forget the excitement of attending my first homeschool convention. During the first year we switched to homeschooling, we attended a convention just two hours from our house. I vividly remember booking the hotel, planning the activities we would do as a family. I spent hours searching the convention website for maps, workshop information, and the various vendors. When […] READ MORE

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10 Reasons to Love Live Online Courses

Today, over 56 million students are using and enjoying virtual classrooms from every grade level and for almost every subject area. Innovative technology-driven classrooms are here to stay, which is why here at Bridgeway Academy we are excited to announce our live online learning labs have been expanded with year round options! Read on to […] READ MORE

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Homeschool Lesson Plans for Daylight Saving Time

Spring is almost here (can you hear the birds each morning yet?) and, along with the flowers that will spring from the earth, we will “spring” our clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time on March 12th, 2017. While this national time keeping strategy often leaves us feeling tired in the spring, it also may make […] READ MORE

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The Best Educational Apps for Elementary Homeschoolers

Homeschool parents love their choice for many reasons, including the ability to choose how and when children learn. Because homeschoolers have more time and can focus on the individual needs, homeschool children are often ahead of the curve academically. Homeschoolers blaze trails in the world of integrating new methods and ideas for teaching children. This is especially […] READ MORE

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Ice Dancing Homeschooler headed to Worlds

Bridgeway Academy graduate Hannah Cook is ice dancing her way across the world! Hannah, who graduated from Bridgeway Academy last fall, will be competing in the 2017 ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships March 15-17 in Taipei City, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan). She and partner Temirlan “Tima” Yerzhanov will be competing for his country, Kazakhstan, in […] READ MORE

Tebow Bill

What the Tebow Bill means for Homeschooling

The number of states proposing Tebow Bill legislation is good news for homeschool students and parents who want to see homeschoolers take part in local public high school sports teams and extracurricular activities. What is the Tebow Bill? The legislative bills are named after former NFL player and current professional baseball player Tim Tebow. As a quarterback at […] READ MORE

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Learning Labs for Bridgeway Academy Session 3 Available Now!

Learning Labs for Session 2 are in full swing at Bridgeway Academy, and the countdown is on to register for Session 3 Elementary and Middle School Learning Labs!  You won’t want your child to miss out on our exciting course offerings. Check out this sampling of live online classes that begin March 20, 2017 in […] READ MORE


FAFSA Tips and Strategies for College Bound Homeschoolers

You’ve made it to your senior year of high school and can see your future ahead of you. What an exciting time! But you’re most likely carrying the worry about how you’re going to pay for your dream school and graduate without piles of student loan debt. The key to solving the college debt mystery […] READ MORE

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Meet Our Academic Advisors: Dorene Gorsuch

Dorene Gorsuch is one of  Bridgeway Academy’s academic advisors, but she’s really so much more than a job description. “For me, the most important part about being an academic advisor is establishing relationships with families,” the mother of two grown children explains. “I want them to know that they’re not just names on my list. […] READ MORE