memorial day 2017

Homeschool Tips to Celebrate Memorial Day 2017

Most of us consider Memorial Day to be the unofficial kick-off of summer. And, most of us honor this day in the same way. You may put out the American flag, attend a yummy BBQ, and enjoy a spectacular fireworks show. While that plan is great, why not take full advantage of this Memorial Day […] READ MORE

choose homeschool

7 Great Reasons to Choose Homeschooling

Homeschooling is an exciting and flexible educational option that more than 6 million homeschoolers in the US alone are taking advantage of for good reason. The benefits of homeschooling are boundless, and the dedication, time and care it takes to homeschool a child are well worth the investment. Why should you choose to homeschool? For a hundred […] READ MORE

make history fun

How to Make History Fun

True confession time: I love history. I love history so much that I have a degree in it! The majority of the books in my personal library are historical studies, biographies, or historical fiction. I drool at historical sites and always work at least two into our vacations. And, I took over 50 hours of […] READ MORE

Matching Homeschool Curriculum to Your Child’s Learning Style

Homeschool curriculum. Those two words strike both excitement and dread in equal measure in most homeschooling parents. Homeschooling is unique in that we can individualize each of our student’s learning experiences, including schedules and curriculum. But, how do you make sure that the curriculum you’re purchasing is going to be a good fit and work […] READ MORE

homeschool conventions

Homeschool Convention Prep List

It’s here! Homeschool Convention session is finally here! Regardless of where you are in your homeschooling journey, this is an exciting time of the year. Homeschool conventions are what many of us look forward to for the entire year, dreaming of the friendships we will renew, strategies we will learn, laughs we’ll have as a […] READ MORE


Meet our Academic Advisors: Jeni Wollenhaupt

Jeni Wollenhaupt’s passion for teaching reaches deeply into the families she serves as one of Bridgeway Academy’s highly qualified academic advisors. “She is an amazing person,” one of the parents of her students said during a chat. “I’ve never had teachers or academic advisors who cared so much about her students.” Another parent wrote to Jeni saying, […] READ MORE

holy week lesson plans

Holy Week Lesson Plans for Homeschoolers

Easter is by far my favorite holiday. Redemption, freedom, and joy all found their true meaning and foundation on the hill at Calvary. There’s no lesson I love more, no story greater to tell than the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and what it means for us, His children. As homeschoolers, we have the […] READ MORE

Vlog video blogging

Blog for Us: Represent Homeschool Style!

Show Us Your Blog Athletes do it. Politicians do it. First responders like police, firefighters, and EMTs do it. Your parents do it, too. They represent. We look up to them when they represent their passion in a positive manner. We want you to represent your homeschooling journey with Bridgeway Academy in a positive manner. […] READ MORE


Should You Attend a Homeschool Convention

I’ll never forget the excitement of attending my first homeschool convention. During the first year we switched to homeschooling, we attended a convention just two hours from our house. I vividly remember booking the hotel, planning the activities we would do as a family. I spent hours searching the convention website for maps, workshop information, and the various vendors. When […] READ MORE

Kids doing homework with modern computer

10 Reasons to Love Live Online Courses

Today, over 56 million students are using and enjoying virtual classrooms from every grade level and for almost every subject area. Innovative technology-driven classrooms are here to stay, which is why here at Bridgeway Academy we are excited to announce our live online learning labs have been expanded with year round options! Read on to […] READ MORE