spring lessons for homeschoolers

Spring Lessons for Homeschoolers

Spring is finally here! The birds are singing, the crocuses are sprouting up, and the longer days have arrived. Spring is by far my favorite season, a time of renewal and rebirth, a season of refreshment. The entire landscape seems to be saying “come, enjoy me again!” And so you should. As homeschoolers, we can […] READ MORE

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day For Homeschoolers

Celebrating Valentine’s Day for many is a day where countless people worldwide will give flowers, candy, and cards all in the celebration of “love.” Many homeschooling families will be tempted to celebrate this holiday apart from school or ignore it entirely. But, think about what your child will miss. Celebrating Valentine’s Day provides us the perfect […] READ MORE

The Reluctant Homeschooler

Teaching Your Homeschooler How To Set Goals

Teaching Your Child How to Set Goals A new school year brings great anticipation and excitement with new learning adventures, new curriculum and courses, and renewed time together as you meet and learn as a family. But, while finding curriculum, creating a schedule, and renewing your homeschool space are all great activities to start the […] READ MORE


How Does Homeschooling Work- Part I

With so many options available for homeschooling curriculum and programs it can seem like you are looking for a needle in a haystack when looking for your perfect fit. And you’re not just considering your family, but each each child as an individual learner.  No wonder it feels so complicated! If you’re wondering just how […] READ MORE


How to Homeschool – Choosing a Homeschool Program

Getting started with homeschooling is an exciting time, whether you’re new or a seasoned homeschooling family. Many look forward to more family time, deeper learning experiences, less stress, and no homework! But, if you’re new and wondering how to homeschool, weeding through the forest of options can be overwhelming and add stress to your family. But, […] READ MORE

Are video games good or bad for kids?

5 Must Haves for Any Online Homeschool Programs

Distance learning has long been part of the homeschool repertoire with companies like AOP and BJU Press paving the way for families to provide quality education within the home through technology. Gone are the days of CD-ROM courses with pre-recorded lessons, a teacher and a white board. In fact, distance learning has been replaced mostly […] READ MORE


Independence Day Celebration Ideas For Homeschoolers

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays. I love the history, sparklers, parades, and the sea of red, white, and blue that shows pride in the history of our nation. But, if you’re a homeschooling family, chances are you’ve studied the revolution, Constitution, and all things Americana over and over again. (If you haven’t […] READ MORE


The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum Part III

We’re continuing our Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum series to help you find the best of the best homeschool writing curriculum for your learners. In case you missed them, check out our previous posts including Part I on what to consider when choosing the best homeschool writing curriculum and part II with our best homeschool writing […] READ MORE


The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum Part II

Finding the best homeschool writing curriculum to fit your child often presents a challenge to even the most seasoned homeschooling parents.If you read our last post on what to consider before choosing homeschool writing curriculum, then you know it’s not all about what you want, or even what your child wants! To find the best […] READ MORE


The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum Part 1

Writing. For some the word brings joy, others dread. Writing and teaching students to write is polarizing, often beloved or dreaded by students and teachers alike. Learning to write well and communicate in written word is critical, but it can often cause battles that derail learning. So, how do you tackle teaching writing in a […] READ MORE