special needs academic advisor

Meet our Academic Advisors: Special Needs Kids Get Special Care

Bridgeway Academic Advisor Angela Schmoyer specializes in supporting students with special needs and learning disabilities. Angela lives along the Kittatinny Ridge of the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania, very close to historic Hawk Mountain, the first raptor sanctuary in North America. Along with her children, Olivia and Maxwell, and husband Justin, Angela loves hiking the nearby […] READ MORE

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Bridgeway approved: PLSA Gardiner Scholarship for Special Needs Students

This is special. Very special. Especially for children with special needs. Bridgeway Academy’s Florida-based homeschooling families with special educational needs (SEN) children are now eligible for the PLSA Florida Gardiner Scholarship to reimburse costs for our Customized package. Bridgeway Academy President and owner Jessica Parnell says that the scholarship’s affiliation is a validation of the […] READ MORE

Boys Telling Secrets

Oct. 17-23 Is National Freedom of Speech Week

One of the most distinctive characteristics of humans is that we can speak. In speech we express our needs, feelings, and knowledge in a way that no other in God’s creation can. We are made in the image of our creator. God spoke to Adam and Eve in the garden and continued to reveal Himself […] READ MORE

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Discover the Benefit of Individual Homeschool Courses

Online learning is here to stay, and the benefits are proven. But, if you are new to online homeschool courses, taking the leap to going online can be daunting. We all know that when it comes to choosing a homeschool curriculum, the stakes can be pretty high, and you do not want to waste your […] READ MORE


From Bullied to Boundless: Student Showcase with Michael Edwards

There’s nothing worse for a parent than finding out that your child is being targeted or bullied. Statistics show that over 77% of students claim to have been bullied at school, with 1 in 4 the target of repeated bullying. Over 42% of students have been cyberbullied, and that’s the most dangerous type of bullying as […] READ MORE

A background of Columbus Day

Columbus Day Lesson Plans for Homeschoolers

With Columbus Day quickly approaching, why not dive into Christopher’s story by adding a few activities and lesson plans into your social studies routine?  Learn more about his life and become part of his adventures with our favorite, engaging Columbus Day lesson plans for homeschoolers of all ages. You can never cross the ocean until […] READ MORE

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The Top 5 Benefits of Blended Learning

As homeschoolers, we’re already wired for “alternative education.” We know that our school journey will look different than most, with more flexibility and an individual approach that ensures our children get just what they need. That’s why blended learning is such a great fit for homeschoolers. It takes the best of traditional learning and “blends” […] READ MORE

Teen Doing Homework

Year-Round Homeschooling: A Teen’s Perspective

For some families, year-round schooling can be a debated topic. While some countries require year-round schooling for kids, America does not. And, the idea of completing schoolwork in the summer months is almost as bad as saying you dislike apple pie! It’s just not very American. However, for those families who need the additional flexibility […] READ MORE

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Year-Round Homeschooling

Perhaps no three words create such a range of emotions in homeschoolers and their parents than “back to school.” But, did you know that there are many families and countries who do school year round? And, statistics show that year-round homeschooling could be a better option for our learners and for us as teachers and […] READ MORE

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Why Should You Consider Blended Learning?

As homeschoolers, we’re always in search of the best fit for our students because we know that individualizing learning is the best way to engage and help our kids love learning. Online learning has been around for a while and is a mode of schooling that the homeschool community has embraced. But, the newest kid […] READ MORE