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Adult High School Diploma Program...
accredited home school. . .Internationally recognized diploma.  Bridgeway Adult Diploma Program a real diploma not a GED

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy Adult High School Diploma Program enables adult students to get a High School Diploma and the opportunity to become a High School Graduate.

And those adults are quickly realizing that a high school diploma
is just the beginning.  Many go on to higher education; while
others find better paying and more satisfying jobs after they obtainGet your real highschool diploma here, not a GED
a high school diploma.

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If you have not yet earned your high school diploma, Bridgeway Adult High School Diploma program can help you to become a high school graduate. We are committed to your success and will work with you every step of the way.  Our staff of teachers and educators understand the unique needs and time constraints of working adults.

Personal Support - Keeps you on the FAST track.
Upon enrollment, you will be assigned an advisor who will encourage and support you and track your progress. 

Your advisor will give personal attention to each of your courses and will work with you to remove the obstacles that have hindered you from completing high school in the past.

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