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NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse website

Bridgeway Academy Students- use school code 390031, not the Home School code the website provides for you.

If some or all of your high school coursework was taken via home schooling, and you plan to enroll full-time in college for the first time in fall 2004 or later, the Clearinghouse will evaluate your record for NCAA initial-eligibility purposes.

To have your initial eligibility certified by the Clearinghouse, you must complete the Student Release Form (including fee payment).

You must also send the following information to the Clearinghouse:

  • Transcript (or transcripts if you took any coursework outside the Home School), including:
    • Course titles
    • Course grades
    • Units of credit for courses
    • Grading scale(if other than A-F)
  • Standardized test score (ACT and/or SAT) presented in one of two ways:
    • On the official transcript from a standard high school or approved nontraditional program indicated by official testing agency label, or
    • As reported directly from the testing agency to the Clearinghouse
    • Note that Student Score Reports and scores taken directly from a Student Score Report are not usable.
  • Proof of high school graduation, including specific graduation date
  • Evidence that home schooling was conducted in accordance with the laws of your state, and
  • List of texts used throughout home schooling (text titles, publishers and in which courses used).

Once the Clearinghouse receives all required information, an evaluation may be performed. Note that home school coursework will not be evaluated until the Clearinghouse has received all the required information, including a final graduation transcript.
Clearinghouse address: P.O. Box 4043, Iowa City, Iowa 52243-4043

As a prospective student-athlete at a Division I or II institution, you have certain responsibilities to attend to before you may participate. Information concerning who needs to register with the Clearinghouse and what documents should be submitted can be found in The Guide for College-Bound Student-Athletes (see General Information Menu).

Division I and Division II

 You must have 14 core courses to be eligible to practice, play and receive financial aid at a Division I or Division II school.

For the class of 2008: Division I -- 16 core courses

If you plan to enter college in 2008 or after, you will need to present 16 core courses in the following breakdown:

  • 4 years of English         
  • 3 years of mathematics (Algebra I or higher)         
  • 2 years of natural/physical science (one must be a lab science)         
  • 1 year of additional English, math or science         
  • 2 years of social studies         
  • 4 years of additional core courses (from any area listed above, or from foreign language, nondoctrinal religion or philosophy)


OLD issues

Initial-eligibility waivers for students with disabilities

Effective May 1, 2003, all students who do not meet the NCAA initial-eligibility requirements and who wish to apply for a waiver of those requirements must have the waiver filed on their behalf by an NCAA institution.  Students with disabilities will no longer be able to self-file waivers.  The elimination of self-filed waivers is due to the large number of such waivers filed by individuals who did not attend an NCAA institution and did not participate in athletics.  Also, since athletics department staff members are familiar with the waiver procedure and paperwork, those individuals are better suited to process such waiver applications in a fast and effective manner. 

ACT state test prohibition

Prospective student athletes from the states of Illinois and Colorado should note that the ACT state test given to all juniors CANNOT be used for NCAA initial-eligibility purposes.

NCAA Division I and Division II rules require that the ACT or SAT test be taken on a national testing date.  The state tests are not given on a national testing date and therefore cannot be used for NCAA initial-eligibility purposes.

If you are a prospective student-athlete from Illinois or Colorado and have taken only an ACT state test, you will not be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics your first year at an NCAA Division I or II institution.

Computer science being eliminated for core-course purposes

Computer science courses will no longer be able to be used for initial-eligibility purposes.  This rule is effective August 1, 2005, for students first entering a collegiate institution on or after August 1, 2005.  Computer science courses (such as programming) that are taught through the mathematics or natural/physical science departments and receive either math or science credit may be used after the August 1, 2005 date.

Register online!

Prospective student-athletes may register with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse on-line.  Simply go to the Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse Web site.  By registering on-line, prospects will be able to view their eligibility information on-line, and will not have to call the clearinghouse for eligibility updates.  On-line registration saves time, and allows prospective student-athletes to view their eligibility status up to six weeks faster than through the paper registration process.

Big 33 Scholarship Foundation Application

What is a Big 33 Nursing Scholarship?
Big 33 Scholarships provide financial assistance to high school seniors who exhibit excellence in a well rounded educational and extracurricular program and want to be a nurse.  The scholarships are made possible by the Annual Big 33 Football Classic and its scholarship sponsors, and are administered by the Big 33 Scholarship Foundation.

Who is elligible for a Big 33 Scholarship?
Any current high school senior who:

  • is enrolled in a public or accredited private school in Ohio or Pennsylvania
  • has attained a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale for the previous two academic years (grades 10 and 11)
  • is planning to continue his/her education beyond high school in an accredited institution of higher education or technical school.

General information.
1. The Big 33 Scholarship Committee will consider the following for purposes of awarding scholarships:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Community Service
  • Financial Need
  • Leadership
  • Obstacles Overcome
  • Special Talents
  • Unique Endeavors

2. May be used at any institution of the recipient's choice.  Education program must be designed to take one or more years to complete.

3. Recipients will be announced in April and receive a letter from Big 33.  A list of all winners will be sent to all guidance counselors.  Non-recipients will not be notified.

4. All winners must submit a certificate of admission or a letter of acceptance to the Big 33 Scholarship Foundation by June 1.  No letter, no scholarship.

5. Scholarships can be used for: tuition, books, laboratory fees and other academic costs, room and board when student is housed under the control of the institution.

6. Scholarship checks are sent directly to the financial aid offices of the institutions the 3rd week in August by the Big 33.

7. If a recipient leaves the institutions and there are Big 33 scholarship funds remaining, the institution shall return the balance to the Big 33 Scholarship Foundation.

8. If a scholarship winner must delay their education for any reason, the scholarship will be held up to 2 years from the date of high school graduation.

Instructions for Submitting Scholarship Application

Applications will be disqualified if the following instructions are not followed:

1. Complete all information on both sides of the official Big 33 scholarship application.  Do not include any information other than what is requested.

2. Type or print all information.  Handwritten cursive applications will be disqualified.

3. Guidance counselors are required to complete numbers 18-21, sign it and affix the school seal.

Bridgeway Academy Students- use school code 390031, not the Home School code the website provides for you.

4. Attach your official school transcript with school seal affixed for grades 9-12.

5. Write a one page essay describing why you want to become a nurse and deserve the Big 33 nursing Scholarship.  Direct comments toward your motivation, need (financial or otherwise), leadership and academic accomplishments.  Describe special talents and special, creative, or challenging activities that you have initiated or obstacles you have overcome to achieve your goals.  Essays must be typed, on one-side of one-page with your name, school, state and zip code in a single line across the top of the page.  Essays longer than one page/ one side will be disqualified.  Font size must be 10 point or larger.

6. Enclose: Application, essay and official school transcript with seal in a 9x12 or larger envelope.  Guidance counselors are encouraged to group applications in a single envelope for submission.

7. Mail to:

Scholarship Committee, Big 33 Scholarship Foundation
P.O. Box 213
511 Bridge Street
New Cumberland, PA 17070

8. Successful applicants will be eligible for only one of the various scholarships available.


Johnson & Wales Leadership Scholarship [click here]

Johnson & Wales Fosters Leadership
Employers we speak with note that one of the top qualities they look for in graduates entering their companies is leadership. Many students who enroll at J&W have had leadership experience in high school and are looking to continue their involvement at the college level.  The University offers a variety of student clubs and organizations where students can develop their leadership skills.  Students might run for president or vice president within a club, or they may run for student government seat.  Top students are selected are selected each year by the president's office to sit on the President's Leadership Council, where they become involved in leadership projects on campus.

Leadership at J&W often involves community service initiatives that demonstrate students' willingness to give back to the community.  Our students have participated in the Youth Leadership Academy and LeaderShape programs, and also learned from leaders like Mahatma Gandhi's grandson Arun and Arun's wife Sunanda, co-founders of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence located at the Johnson & Wales campus in Denver, Colorado.

Competition Requirements

  • Students who are high school seniors graduating in June 2005 and are from the continental U.S., Washington D.C., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands are eligible.
  • The official entry form must be used, but may be copied for additional attempts.
  • Resumés and high school transcripts should be submitted according to the specifications under entry guidelines.
  • Each student may submit only one entry.
  • Entries must be received on or before December 10, 2004.
  • Entrants cannot change their resumés once submitted.
  • To collect scholarship prizes, students must enroll in a program of study offered through J&W's College of Business, The Hospitality College, the School of Technology or the School of Education at any one of our four campuses.  Please not that the program offerings vary at each campus.
  • Finalists must agree to compete in the national competition finals at the North Miami, Florida campus during the weekend of February 11-13, 2005.

Entry Guidelines
Each student must submit (paper copies only, please)

1.  A resumé, not to exceed two pages, using the following category headings*: personal information, including name, address, name of high school; organizations and athletics; community service; employment; academic awards and/or achievements.

* please list the number of years involved in each activity and the number of years any offices were held in each category.

2. One essay, not to exceed 250 words, on the topic "What Community Leadership Means to Me."

3. Their most recent high school transcript.

All entries will be judged by our panel of industry leaders, and 10 finalists will be chosen.  Finalists living more than 500 miles from the Florida Campus will be flown to the campus for the National Outstanding Student Leader of the Year Scholarship Competition finals during the weekend of February 11-13, 2005.  (Johnson & Wales will provide airfare for finalists only; guests are responsible for their own transportation to and from our campus.)  Finalists living within 500 miles of the campus will be provided with a travel stipend.  All finalists and their guests will receive from J&W complimentary hotel accomodations (one hotel room per finalist and their family/ guests), meals and ground transportation, if necessary. All entries must be completed entirely to be processed.

The Grand Prize Winners Will Receive

  • A full tuition renewable scholarship for up to four years of full-time, day school study in J&W's College of Business, Hospitality College, School of Technology or School of Education at any of our campuses.
  • An opportunity to shadow a corporate leader in his/her freshman year.

The Nine Runners-Up will receive

  • Scholarships ranging from $3,500 to $7,500 renewable for up to four years of full-time, day school study

Call 1-866-598-3567 with questions.

Toyota Community Scholars Program-Toyota website

Dear Student:

Toyota Motor Sales, USA., Inc. is pleased to present the 9th annual Toyata Community Scholars Program.  The program recognizes 100 outstanding high school seniors throughout the United States for their scholastic achievements, leadership, and community service.

Your high school has been selected to nominate one graduating senior who will be considered for one of the 100 renewable scholarships for study at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States.  The highlight of the competition will be an all-expenses-paid trip to Louisville, Kentucky, where the winners will be introduced to the Toyota family, meet fellow awardees, and be recognized for their achievements.

We salute you for your achievements thus far and wish you the best of luck in becoming a Toyota Community Scholar.

Scholarship Features
The Toyota Community Scholars Program awards 100 renewable scholarships valued at $10,000 and $20,000 over four years to outstanding high school seniors.  Recipients are recognized for excellence in academics and for making meaningful service contributions to their schools and their communities.

The student identified as the nominee must:

  • Be a high school senior with a grade point average of 3.0 or better
  • Be actively involved in a service organization or project that has a positive impact on the school or community
  • Be a U.S. citizen; U.S. National; or U.S. permanent resident
  • Plan to pursue an undergraduate degree at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States.

The Scholarship program is not available to

  • Children or grandchildren of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. employees or other U.S. Toyota subsidiaries, and Toyota and Lexus dealer principals.

Application Criteria
Participating high schools will be asked to select a student who best exemplifies the outstanding academic leadership and dedication to community service the scholarship program seeks to recognize.  The school's nominee should have a consistent record of academic excellence, be active in school programs, and be recognized as a leader by his or her peers and instructors. While academic performance is a prime factor in the selection process, please note that the distinguishing characteristic will be the overall impact of the student's contributions in the area of community service. In addition, the nominee must have initiated or be actively involved in a service program that addresses a school guidance counselor to learn about the nomination process.  Only one nominee will be accepted from each school.

Nomination Phase
The selected nominee will complete the Nomination Form and return it to the school official.  The school official will verify the data, sign the form, and forward it to the Toyota Community Scholars program for processing.  Nomination forms must be postmarked on or before December 3, 2004.  Scholarship and Recgnition Programs will confirm receipt of the Nomination Form.  No further communication will be provided.

Selection of Semifinalists
A group of outstanding nominees will be selected as semifinalists for the second phase of the competition.  A statistical analysis of the academic and personal data reported on the Nomination Form will be combined to assign a composite score for each applicant.  A selected number of nominees with the highest composite scores in each state will be notified via mail of their status as semifinalists in February.  The notice will request additional information to be completed and returned for review by a Selection Committee made up of college admission and scholarship administrators.


  • September 2004 Toyota sends nomination materials to schools.
  • December 3, 2004 Schools submit nominee materials to ETS
  • February 2005 Semifinalists selected and notified by mail.  Supporting application documents filed, including scholarship questionnaire, high school transcript, and two community service recommendations
  • March 2005 Selection committee meets to evaluate semifinalists and select 100 scholarship winners
  • April 2005 Toyota Community Scholars notified.  Winners invited to attend recognition event in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • May 12 - 14, 2005 Toyota hosts all-expenses-paid recognition event in Louisville.
  • August 2005 Scholarship funds distributed to attending institutions for payment of tuition, fees, books, or other educational expenses.

Bridgeway Academy Students
Please contact us at 1-800-863-1474 and let us know if you are interested in being considered for nomination for this scholarship award, and we will send you the appropriate documents.

Federal Financial Aid/ Stafford Loans [click here]

American Education Services is a division of PHEAA, which has grown from a small student loan guarantor with a volume of only 4,600 student loans in 1964, to one of the largest, full-service financial aid organizations in the nation. Here, you can learn more about our structure and mission.

We have devoted our energy, resources and imagination to creating affordable access to higher education for students and their families. AES continues to take a leadership role in developing innovative ways to ease the financial burdens of students and borrowers, while streamlining financial aid delivery systems for schools and lenders.

One example of AES' commitment to students is its long-standing Zero Guaranty Fee Policy, which saves students across the nation more than $20 million each year. 

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